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Hi Sue

I think the caravan and the people in it are aspects of yourself.

The tired old caravan is how you think the world sees you but inside its comfy & inviting which is what you really feel about yourself. The old workmates which you don't really get along with reflect the fact that you don't enjoy your job and each one possibly reflects a different aspect of your work that you find difficult or distasteful.

The old man & young woman may be how you feel about yourself, you feel young inside but think that you look old so you are poisoning your own self image (beautox) in an atempt to marry the two.

By asking yourself to make a natural face treatment, you already seem to know that going back to basics and relaxing about it all and being happy with the natural you is all you really need.

Basically - you're great as you are dear, just got to sort your job out or find a way to accept or work around the bits you don't really like.

Does that make any sense?

ps its interesting that you see a caravan - you clearly know you are on the move, a traveller and you travel light, no baggage to hold you back except whats inside!
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