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The US Games catalog does say October for the release, but when October passed, I checked at the US Games website and found out that the release date had been pushed back to November. So, it should be soon.
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According to Jeannette at Tarot Garden, it should be ready to ship by the end of November.

-- Lee
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Release Update

Sad news, folks -- I just received word directly from U.S. Games yesterday that the anticipated release timeframe has now been pushed back to December. Those who preordered the deck through us will be getting a broadcast email with more updates as they become available.

-- Jeannette
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At least I can tell you WHY now....

Sorry about the delay (yet again) of the release of Golden Tarot.

Apparently there was a problem due to the incompatability of the gilded edges & the varnish, so USGS decided to delay release and get the problem sorted.

Painful though it is to have to wait, I prefer that they did that than risked releasing a deck that couldn't withstand everyday use.

I guess teething problems like this were the risk we took on when they decided to make it such a lush high-quality edition. Should look a lot better than the usual cheap cruddy printer's embossing foils that are often used on "gilded" decks - or at least I hope so after all these months

US Games have also advised me that they're having a large booth at a New Age Retailer's Trade Show in Florida in January, and that Golden Tarot will be making it's first real public appearance there. Pity I can't be there, but I guess Australia's a bit far away to pop over for a couple of days

I'm hoping to get a substantive release date from the publishers within the next day or two & will let you know here (not that I expect you'll believe me any more!).
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As they say: Good things come to those who wait. Willing to wait for this wonderful deck.
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Jaaaanuary!! Where is the emoticon for weeping?

Oh well, I am glad that US Games is taking this deck as seriously as it deserves to be taken.

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I can't have a Golden Tarot in my stocking this year
Then I will just have to find something else Golden to replace it.

Hmm...I suppose that a pretty new necklace would substitutute.

January is it to be then? Well it does get rather mundane around here in the winter months after the holiday season is over. A new deck as beautiful as Kat's will certainly do wonders to chase the doldrums away.

Now where did I put my sharpie marker and that sale ad? I have some not so subtle hinting to do....
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Sadness reins throughout the land - I don't really have much of a wishlist as I'm trying not to buy decks just for the sake of it but I did so want this one for Yule

Oh well...................

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Mystic Zyl 

January, oh, I wanted this as a gift for Christmas, so did my girlfriend that reads. I want one now ( stamping my foot)!
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I'll be really cheeky and suggest that you could look for Xmas presents at
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