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Originally Posted by retrokat
Hmm, how about this.. I promise that we will announce it first here, so subscribe to this thread if you want to know as soon as we start taking preorders
Ok, I am subscribing. I was also following the thread in Tarot Creation. Can't miss it now
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I'm gonna be camping out on this thread
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morticia monroe 

Kat, I love the Golden, and love even more what you've done with this one. It looks so rich...
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It's official!

I've just got word that my contract is all signed and sealed, so now I can very happily announce...

Touchstone Tarot's mass-market release will be with innovative publishers who I think will become major players in the Tarot field over the next few years.

Kunati's first tarot deck, the intriguing Quantum Tarot, is due out soon and has very strong pre-sales, and if you haven't already read Kunati author Derek Armstrong's tarot-themed novel The Last Troubadour then do! It's the first in a trilogy and it really brings the characters of the Major Arcana to life.

Kunati are a very author-centred and marketing-driven publisher. They expect a big time-commitment from their authors in terms of blogging, social networking online, etc - which is great for a geek like me! That's what I've been doing since 2000 with Golden (before it ever got published) and it will be great to be working with my publishers on the marketing strategy for Touchstone. I feel like it's a real partnership, which is such a joy. And the fact that their royalties are so much better than traditional tarot niche publishers sure doesn't hurt either
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Hey Kat, this is great news. Congratulations and continued success to you and Chris!
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Congrats, Kat! Very exciting news! Also let us know when we can preorder the limited edition! I am look forward to that, as well.
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6 Haunted Days 

What fantastic news! Congratulations on what sounds like a wonderful partnership with a lovely publisher. I bet we will certainly be hearing more from them.

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Kat, this deck seems gorgeous! I love the Golden tarot, i'm sure getting this one when it comes to mass market - i unfortunately would not be able to afford the limited edition, mainly thanks to the shipping that makes everything more expensive

But i'm sure it'll be worth the wait!
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This is great news! The Golden is the main deck I use for reading and I am really looking forward to this deck!
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Yet another deck for my "waiting till it's availlable and than buy it" list
It looks like a great deck and i'm sure i will love is at much as the Golden.
(and yes i'll be getting both editions)
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