a gestalt look at the fey-


Excerise notes:

NO jumping ahead!!!

Quotes are a future exercise

some of you have put in 'quotes' for the Fey cards- this is good....
We are to be looking at the descriptions
describe the card with three different views.

describe the action in the image

it's ok- save your quotes- you will need them later.....
{I did the same thing at first :D

sorry about the confusion


Lovely descriptions everyone-

now we get to talk about the different descriptions we all got-
I saw some that are simular- that's wonderful.
There is a message in the card that is 'universal'
so let's take a look and see what deeper explinations we can see from the descriptions we all gave.



Step #2 of this study is to take 3 different descriptions of each of the 5 cards, descriptions that are not your own or like your own, and give three questions to each of these descriptions.

For example

1. the fool can't figure out how the orange head glows.
where did the fool find this head?
what is the fool going to do next?
how does the head make him feel?

2. He has no idea that he is the keeper of the keys.
why is the fool the keeper of the keys?
how did he get to be the key keeper?
do you think he will ever figure out what he's supposed to do?

3. While out trick-or-treating he finds a talking jack-o-lantern.
what does the jack-o-lantern say to the fool?
how does the fool feel about this find?
what will the fool do with the jack-o-lantern?

#2 excercise starts on Sunday

for those with quotes- you might want to save those and edit your posts to be able to continue in the study

*see above post


lunalafey -

I want to make sure I understand the second stage - do we pick 3 descriptions from other posters from the first stage, or do we make up three new ones? I am thinking the former, but want to make sure.



yes- pick from the other members posts


Being the book I am working with is new- I'm learning just like the rest of you-
Now one thing I came across is that the questions we, the reader, pose, be open ended and not leading.

Some of the questions we presented in resonse where leading and suggestive.
The idea of Gestalt is to let the sitter connect with thier own symbology and intuitions. If we make a suggestion or present something not mentioned by the sitter- we are leading them off course.

I found it difficult in this format of the web to exicute this form of reading. The "finer details" that can come from a live conversation are lost through the net.

For the next part of the study- I'm going to alter what I had planned....
see each of the cards in study as to what is next-


not quite the 11th yet-

OK- NOW, here we go for a change of gears- more of the same, yet different.

Even if you have not been active in this study, you can hop right on in with this one.

This time we will be using a single card drawn at random and a description of what is happening within the card. (not a dialog)
All those involved will then ask a single question to eachothers cards-
for example; Jack & Jill; Bonnie & Clyde; and Adam & Eve-
they all pull a card and explain the image on the card
then- jack will ask a question for each of his peers cards, as he was the reader and they are the sitter.
jane and bonnie shall do the same, etc?


when you draw your card, start a new thread; title it- 'gsf- xxxx'
the xxxx are the words of your choice, card you drew? theme to your card description, what ever it is- be creative, for those are the stirrings of intuitions, the foundation of Gestalt.
the "gsf" means "gestalt study with the fey"

this will begin on the 11th but I will post mine early for example purposes.
check back for a quick link.



here is my card for the next part of looking at the Fey, Gestalt method.

Anyone with the deck can join in- you don't have to be part of the first months study to take part with this excercise.

Please read the previous post for instruction and have a look at
my card for an example.


let's do some more

NEW {sorta} GESTALT excercise-

For all who would like to participate, here is how it will go-

#1. draw a card- study the card
#2. describe the image on the card- It is important to just describe what is seen in the card. Do not include any thoughts on what the feelings or thoughts may be....
Describe as in much detail as possible as to what is happening only.
#3. start a thread with the title of your card and then followed by-gfs.
#4. go to the threads of the other participants- study the card they drew and give your own description of thier card.
{view others titles & write up your description with out influence from other's posts- with the exception of......
my card- The Empress- has been posted.

***notice I did not say, the critter finds comfort in the feys arms- that is a feeling- I did not describe what the fey sees off in the distance, for it is not in the card.

Again it is very important to only describe the card and not speculate on thoughts or feelings {that comes later}