a gestalt look at the fey-


Re: let's do some more

lunalafey said:
NEW {sorta} GESTALT excercise-

#4. go to the threads of the other participants- study the card they drew and give your own description of thier card.
{view others titles & write up your description with out influence from other's posts- with the exception of......
my card- The Empress- has been posted.

Just makin sure I got this right.....We should write our own description, not just add our thoughts to yours? Or am I wrong?


The first step being a descripton ONLY, of the card that heads the thread. Desriptions being of your own impressions.

The focus of this step is to SEE what is happening in this card.
no thoughts or feelings about this card in this step.


come out come out come out and play

A few of these threads have become active, wonderful!
At the time they where started, it was a 'timed' study, but as I have found with they Fey, they are far from conformists and leave little to structure.
With that said, I'm going to catch-up on the revived threads and nudge them into some direction that is in keeping with the 'type' of study.


Quick question

I love the Fey (they speak on such a different level) and I love the gestalt 'thingy'.

Now inquiring bookworms like to know - what book is it that inspired it?
I know I have a book on gestalt reading with Tarot but can't remember the title and it's 9000 miles away for the next year :eek:\

Thanks :eek:)


ETA: Ah..shoulda done a search first - it could be "Heart of Tarot", which is indeed 9000 miles away, but I did read it (well, skim it). I wasn't creative enough to realize that not only could I do this for a sitter, but for myself as well to get to know the cards. That's what you get for skimming I guess :eek:)