Funny how life is. So loving!!! The Universe has a wondrous way of opening our minds and hearts if we allow it to.
Long story short, a year or so ago, I didn't believe in angels - scoffed at the idea. Then, bang, out of the blue one day - I saw one. Took my breath away. She was so beautiful and so full of love - undescribable really. And her message helped me heal from a very trying situation. I felt so consoled. Not to mention how freaken surprised I was!!! :D Needless to say, ever since then, I've been reading up on angels and talking to people about their experiences.
Now I own two angel decks that I love and that helps me learn about the angelic realm: Healing with the Angels Oracle Cards, and Angel Blessings. Both have beautiful images and really inspire me. I just received my Angel Blessings cards the other day - and am not disappointed. I also have the Angel Oracle, but the cards are not as inspirational, although the book that goes with it is very good.
Anyway, I prattled on probably more than you needed to hear, LOL
Love to you all!


I think I have always believed in angels, but thought they were kind of a "foofoo" type thing to put your energy into. I think it was a combination of the catholic/christianity aspect (which I didn't believe in) and the kind of pathetic (IMO) people who thought angels were here to save them.
But I have been reading the Kryon books (similar to the Seth books) and somehow in all the teachings of Kryon and my own mind opening I can feel them everywhere. Kryon talks about how we are all actually angels and....I've been trying to explain Kryon's teachings in a line or two and can't do it. In a nutshell Kryon says we have alot more control over our own lives than we've ever dreamed.
Anyway being open to the angels (and myself) has been wonderful and also helped my work immensely (I do massage, energy work, and aromatherapy) I now feel they are there pointing me in the right direction. -- Probably have always been there I'm just open to it now. Many people walk into my room at the clinic and say how good it feels.
Angels are wonderful beings - and so are we !!! :D


have you got any 'angel cards'?

they are wonderful little inspirational cards with one word and a little cartoon angel of each one.

they are tiny and fit beautifully into a little bowl or be picked, one - three a day ~~as a source of inspiration.



Faunabay, what do you mean: the kind of pathetic (IMO) people who thought angels were here to save them.

Don't you believe in guardian angels? Before I turned 4 years old, my mother died. I always felt she was an angel, watching over me and protecting me. I thought angels were sort of that way?


Jeanett, I very much believe in guardian angels - especially for kids!! but for all as well.

I meant the people who wouldn't/don't help themselves at all. Would just sit there and say "save me I'm too pathetic to do it myself".

I saw alot of people (mostly christians because that was what I was exposed to) while I was growing up saying "oh poor me!" expected God or the angels to save them and not doing anything at all for themselves. It's kind of like that joke about the guy in a flood and people coming by to get him and he kept saying no thank you God will provide. So he ends up drowning and while in heaven he asks God why he hadn't saved him. God says "what else did you want me to do? I send 2 boats and a helicopter!" Or something to that effect. The people I were exposed to had that blinder like devotion. They weren't helping themselves at all.
I just had the misfortune to be exposed to that type of person while I was little so that's what I believed people who saw or counted on angels were like.

I hope you realized when you read my post that was the way I USED to feel -- not anymore. I've since grown up a bit :) and saw that's not the way it truely is. Lots of people believe in angels who don't have that blinder like devotion - ME for one! LOL


Jade - I do have those angel cards and pick one a day - they are adorable, aren't they? So cute !!!!! :)
Faunabay - I totally agree with you!!! Ever since that experience last year, I can feel angels around me, and others, not to mention healing white light - but that's been with me for decades. The best healing the Universe did for me was to make me realize that I was lovable and worthy (my Catholic, and also abusive, childhood robbed me of that). The other was that God/dess truly loved me. UNCONDITIONALLY. I cried like a baby when that one finally hit home. What an intense experience. Blew my heart wide open.
I do prattle on, don't I? tee hee, hee


deso, you prattle on about wonderfully enlightening things! :)

love and light,



This is a great "I beileve" forum. No matter what you believe, it is nice to hear about other's beilefs.

Notes from an odd Christian. I lost my brother a few years back and I am possitive he is now my oldest daughter's Guardian Angel (She has even seen him).

I believe that God has a job for all of us both here on earth and in heaven (afterlife). Angels are sent to guide us. They can tell us right from wrong, they can hold our hand in a time of trouble and even talk to us. But like God they can't stop us from making bad choices (September 11th).

I would love to hear how Angels play a part in someone who is Wiccan or Pagans Life.

PS I was told that I have a Guardian Angel and a Spirit Guide (what does a Spirit Guid do compared to what a Guardian does?). It doesn't matter realy, I am greatful for both.



in my belief, a guardian angel is with you for life :) guides are with you for specific things ie: to assist you with your career, or parenting etc.

guides change as your needs change....some stay with you for many years.

i am wiccan and i have a wonderful guardian angel that i talk to almost daily :) and i believe in angels, fairies, guides, animal guides etc.

angels are wonderful loving being that watch over us and assist us in our life. :)

does that answer your question?

if not, then perhaps someone else can answer it better. i'm not very articulate tonight LOL

love and light,


one of the spells that i sell is

#55 Call In My Angel

in light,