Clow Cards Revisited.


Thank you guys for your supportive comments!


Just finished a few more. I'm pretty happy, I'm getting faster at Illustrator learning all these shortcut keys.
These cards are more simple, so I was able to do more. I'm looking at all the cards together, and I can see that they don't all look cohesive, so my next step is to revisit them all together and try to make them all look consistent.

The Fly
The Freeze
The Glow
The Illusion
The Jump
The Libra


I like your style a lot, it brings a real flair to the cards.

I agree that the look should be consistent to make a good deck.


i really like the small touches of color...


I think you have already achieved a very high level of consistency and I must say I love the card back so much you should maybe like put it on all the cards.


More cards and a website

I finished a few more cards.
The Light
The Little
The Lock
The Loop
and added a website.

I put the website together this weekend.It's not perfect, but I thought I would post what I had so far. I tried to make it mobile friendly, but you never know. Please let me know if things don't work right, or just what you think. As it is a work in progress, it may occasionally act up. Please let me know of any bugs though.


Okay that's it...i have >got< to have this deck! :p

Oh what a treat to see all the cards together on your website...Great Job! It worked just fine for me...:)