Crystal Ball


I usually meditate with the obsidian ball in my left and the clear one in my right. I do this to calm down by diffusing the energies flowing into my body.

When I need to focus energy, I hold a cyrstal ball in my left hand and a crystal point or cyrstal power tool in my right.


Speaking of flawless, I don't know if a true rock crystal can be 'perfectly' clear. They would be too expensive to be of any size.

My crystal ball has a division in it, as though it was cut from a piece of rock where two crystals grew together.


Here it is , Lunalafey, I found it and bumped it!
I think one will come my way sometime. I imagine a crystal ball is something I'd want to see in person , as opposed to just ordering online. I'd probubly want it to be clear, no real color for scrying. Maybe the amethyst, or purple, however beautiful, wasn't as conductive to scrying? Do you still have it?


as i said in my other post (on another thread) it matters not what type of a stone/crystal you use for matters more what your preference is. :)

all can be scryed.

in light,
jade :)



it is under just plain things really got mixed up around here..THANKS FOR FINDING IT. And yes I still have it it's home is sitting on the feet of one of my dragons, kinda like a penguin and an egg. well.. Guess what I'm going to do tonight ...