DruidCraft 2 of Swords


I really like this card. A young woman sits blindfolded on a rock, her back to me. A red cloak and red hair are covering her back. She holds two swords perfectly balanced and almost centered in the picture. In spite of it being a swords suit, the red cloak and the red hair made me think of the Princess of Wands, early in her developement to being a Queen.

It is a huge tree that sits in front of her and divides the two paths. She's very definitely stopped between the 'rock and the hard place'.

I see so many different tree faces. Some are pointing one wayor another, some just looking. I don't feel they're scary or threatening, just curious tree spirits and I'm in their woods.

If she takes the path to the left, it is a little narrower and winds through the woods a little longer than the right sided path. But the right side has more light. The moss grows on that side trees and there is daylight at the end of the forests' path. Only trouble is. the huge roots of the trees spill over more on that side.

She should really make a decision soon. It looks like rain clouds through the trees to the left.

I think this is a very appropriate card for the Holiday Season. What a great reminder that some things should just be put on hold during family gatherings!:) Hh


The sword are crossed and--is she blindfolded?--indicating how mixed up and uncertain she is.
Where is the path that led her here? She can't give up and turn back--she must make the choice


I have to think about (and study) this card a lot more because my first impression of it was that it better illustrated the Two of Wands in my mind...the forked path in the road, the need to make a decision...

I'm just getting into this deck as it was a recent gift. I will have more to say later. :)

Lady Mary

I also like this card. The szenery looks to me like from a fairy tale - both paths seems to be appealing and maybe the path doesn't matter that much, more that she starts going into one direction.


She sits alone in the forest obviously feeling vulnerable, exposed, and unsure how to proceed. Though there are two paths in front of her, there is a third choice. The voice of Geddy Lee (from the musical group Rush) echoes through my mind. The lyrics are: "If you choose not to decide you still have made a choice". So while she is vulnerable right now, there is a way through it. It seems at this juncture in her life, either choice would have to be better than her present situation. In addition, it seems to me from the picture, that the path on the left is a little "higher" than the path on the right. Is it cliché to suggest that she take the "high road"?


I agree with the vulnerability comment. There is an intense vulnerability here. She is naked, alone, and blindfolded in a dark wood.

Also, there is no way of telling where the paths lead or what she will meet on her way. Both paths curve off into the dense woods. The emphasis that she *must choose*

Additionally, there is no way around the choice. I noted before that she can't go back, but she also can forge her own path. Or, at least, if she did, it would be very difficult and time consuming.


She looks as if she's waiting for the tree, or the spirit of the tree to tell her something, maybe which way to go.


The Guardian of choices

So far we mused about one way to look at this card.
--sometimes in a reading I am reminded of the Choice / difference between tonal and nagual ( both utho aztec words) Tonal = right handed ordinary way of seeing = everyday mundane conciousness and nagual = left-sided spiritual, intuitive, sensual, shamanic way of seeing......

And then it is time to turn the image around in our heads and look at her not as the one to make a choice but the Guardian of all the choices we make.
The one at the cross-roads.....
The one who may know where these path would lead us - if we care to ask...


I see this card as she is meditating focusing her thoughts and blanking outside interferance and is very balanced in her choice. when she chooses it will be well thought out.

the 2 of wands is like this only he is not meditating and he is about to jump into something but the wands is more gut feeling she is really thinking about her decision


I chose this card very recently as a significator for my sit. in a reading, one I may very well post in the Readings forum, but enough about that. Obivously the best way I can describe it is the way many of you already have. Stalemate. It seems to me that she is almost waiting in this dark forest for someone to come along and make the decision easier. Either way, she is just sitting there while the world spins around her. The fact that she is blindfolded though means to me that she cannot choose the paths on how she sees them alone which brings to mind a weighing process, almost a forced weighing process, either by herself or by someone else. Unlike Justice, and I think of it when I see this card, the Two of Swords is all internal, or in your mind, so to speak. Almost a battle with oneself to see which way you need to go.

Also, I think it is interesting to note, as Disa said earlier, the road on the left is higher, 'take the high road'..but I notice that the higher path also leads into darker forest. The road on the right may be lower, but it also seems to lead towards the sun or out of the forest, as signified by the lighter patch of sky. In this way, both paths have their bonuses, I might be safer this way, I might be happier this way..however, it still doesn't make it any easier choosing one over the other, i.e. saying yes to one thing means saying no to another.