DruidCraft 2 of Swords


HoneyBea said:
This is a very good point goddessof1967 - and as you say by cutting herself off visually from her surroundings she is not distracted by anything that can muddle or confuse her. So perhaps she is shutting out in order to gain clarity.
Yes thats right. Just to add - its not necessarily how I see the card but it could be one of a million (well maybe not quite that many) possibilities in a reading, depending on the cards around etc.


The Druidcraft is a firm favorite of mine and I bought it as soon as it was released here in Oz. I have lost count of the number of times I've recommended it to others who've also acquired it for themselves, and can't help but think a monetary commission from the creators/publishers for such would have been nice but much nicer is that those who've bought it on my recommendation enjoy it as much as I do.
I haven't fully completed it's study, through the many other commitments laid before in life, but coincidentally just today I pulled out my journal to make a list of the cards I need to examine to complete it properly...just 18, not as many as I'd thought.
For simplicity, and economy of time, I'll cut and paste my thoughts on the 2 of Swords.

This card suggests being faced with problems that need to be overcome in order to progress in life and one’s development. The issue before one tends to dominate thoughts and causes inner turmoil in that it is difficult to decide what one must do to resolve the issue.
This may be an issue that has existed for some time and one has ignored dealing with it directly, hoping that it would pass with time. This attitude may also have arisen because one is fearful of dealing with the issue because the resulting circumstance is indeterminate and we cannot be sure of our future stability and security. As a result we live with uncertainty and instability anyway because we lack the will, courage and determination to make wise judgement and take necessary action to resolve the issue.
We may be confused in our feelings, unwilling to face responsibilities that may be our own in regard to the existence of the problem at hand, we may find ourselves at cross purposes with another. We may be unable to express how we feel in a situation that causes us discomfort or confusion.
This card would suggest a need to take a realistic approach in dealing with the problem before one, communicating one’s thoughts and feelings clearly, and taking positive action to reach a resolution in order to further progress oneself in life, to move beyond the problem.

swimming in tarot

Some ideas that have been brought up are quite interesting when blended together.

I like the idea of a priestess' initiation, blindfolded in order to be open to her inner senses. The red cloak is very, very noticeable; also, that it has pretty much been cast behind her. Somebody noted that clothing is not just for protection, but also signifies identity and how we wish to be seen. Without our ego personality's chosen "identity" and the choices that we allow it to make for us, a lot of choices become harder to make, if we are not projecting an image for the Joneses. Before the gods, we are naked and presumably honest, and choices must be made from a deeper level than the superficial personality. Such decisions can take longer, perhaps. We need to attune ourselves to the world of the tree spirits and bunny spirits and our own spirit. But spirit is not in a hurry; not hers, nor the tree's (which she may be consulting, as it seems very old and wise). Her spirit/soul has been around long before her physical life began, and will continue to exist long after she is gone. Whether she is contemplating the higher road or the lower road, the easy or the difficult, or whether to proceed or to come back the way she came, is perhaps not so important as the deep, soul level she must tap into in order to guide her life in a meaningful way.

Perhaps that is a "nagual" way of looking at this card.


I know I'm late to the party, but I just got this deck and the 21 ways to read a card book. Seems this is the card I'm studying this week. Oddly enough, I'm identifying more with the woods, incapable of acting while I watch others make their choices and I am unable to share my knowledge of where the path will lead.

Anyway, does anyone know what type of flower that is in the foreground? There seems to be so much plant symbolism in this deck that I have a suspicion that the flower adds a new aspect to the card.


Hello All,

The two's of swords is also Air going one direction and meeting a split in the road and going around the tree. I think the woman sitting down is not only meditating but waiting for the ahh-ha moment seen in ace of swords . She seems calm in knowing it will happens and perfectly happy waiting for it instead of just duel wielding both swords and seeing what happens .

The thing I find funny is air and fire tend to be the fastest elements but air is waiting which is pretty awesome. i think a lesson we learned in ace of swords is the air suit does real well when balanced by water , I wonder if she is trying to rely on her mind and not letting her heart help her.