DruidCraft 2 of Swords


Hello, mind if I join you? My DrudCraft hasn't arrived yet, so I'm just viewing the cards online for the moment. It should come some time this week and I plan to study it exclusively when it does!

I wanted to respond, as when I saw the whole deck online, this was a card which really stood out to me.

If she is blindfolded, doesn't that say something about her ability to choose a path? Perhaps it signifies innocence in that she can't know which is the 'high road', or which is the right choice? Could it even signify obstacles to clear vision? Some thing or situation which makes us not be able to see the wood for the trees, so to speak? Also the crossed swords could indicate a 'damned if you do and damned if you don't' situation, as one false move in either direction could be her undoing, yet she's just stuck stagnating there if she does nothing.



A note on the paths...

I noticed that the one on the left seems to be one of the unknown because it goes deeper into the woods. and the one on the right is open at the end signifying to me that that's a known choice... possibly if they choose that one they kinda already know which way that is going but the one that goes on deeper into the woods is pure curiosity. It's a possibility that the person wants to know what would happen if they took that risk to go deeper instead of continuing on the lit path. As is might cause regrets. So with the twos it's always about the risk in choices. What to do... what to do. :)



Hello Everybody
My thoughts about this card is a Young Woman who has closed her eyes and ears to the outside, because we see and hear what we want to and is maybe not correct, so that she can meditate and become one with the Forest. Possibly the Two Swords are shown as a perfect balance between the Soul and the Mind. If she was without the Swords it would look as though she is Praying.


I like your reading, Whiteappleblossom. Usually when I get this card, I just think that it means having to make a hard decision. I hadn't thought about it as suggesting a way to make that decision. Choosing the right path might involve ignoring the superficial (the brighter path) or blocking out those around us and listening to our inner voice, balancing mind and soul. Very helpful.



Thanks Celestina you have confirmed what I have tried to say through my Husband (look at my info to understand). I am Happy that someone agrees with my interpretation because I am a New Reader and am more of a Collector.

Glastonbury Ed

With there being no obvious road that the woman has come from, it does not appear to be a fork in the road but the apex of a bend, is it possible that she is considering the path from where she has just come against the continuing ahead in to the unknown?

I've always assumed it to be a split in the road, but it really doesn't look that way on closer inspection.


I have had my Druid Craft for a long time now and I have never tired of its images. I think this Druid Two of Swords does really depict for us the dilemma of choice very well here. The figure whether male or female sits almost naked facing two paths, the swords crossed in front of them maybe representing, duality of thoughts, ideas and intellect, the two swords suggest here two courses of action. The figure is blindfolded so they can obviously not see there way, or perhaps they are avoiding making the choice all together. Which brings me to the red cloak which is slung over their shoulder and to the back of them indicating that there is a need for action here but somehow this figure has put that behind them. So we see here a definite conflict going on and one that is being suppressed but the two paths indicate for us that this tension will have to be dealt with and faced sooner or later.

The figure appears to me either unable to make the decision or just plain ignoring the possibilities - if they were to remove their blindfold they would be better able to take in the bigger picture and see the alternatives.

Now the swords seem to me to be perfectly balanced so again the reluctance here to make that decision may well reflect on the figure not wanting to upset the balance they have created.

Perhaps the whole lesson here in this card could be that you need to learn balance while being willing to accept change. - this could very well be the core of the mental conflict going on.

Just some of my thoughts on this card :)

Willow Huntermoon

I just got my Druid Craft, I am loving all these threads and the views of others.
The Two of Swords, what an earthy card so green and vibrant, the living breathing the beating heart of the forest. This card to me has the feel of a newly iniciated priestess/druid given a challenge to learn, experience and grow from.

I do not believe one path is better than the other, just different experiences. And yes I agree with others *A Choice Must Be Made* Deprived of her senses sight and sound (the blindfold) and touch (the balanced swords she must carry). There is absolutely nothing stopping her from putting down the swords and removing the blindfold and covering herself, but she chooses not to, It must be done this way like so many that walked before her, she has to rely on her other senses. Her inner eye, her inner ear, her feelings.

I also see the tree spirits and the rabbit on the path, they are aware that someone is walking on sacred ground and are also curious as to how she will fair. To take on such a task you must be intune with yourself, balanced and centered. Unashamed with nothing to hide the fist step is the hardest of any journey/test.

Willow Huntermoon ;)


Maybe wearing the blindfold is allowing her to make a decision with her gut/feelings rather than what she can physically see. What you can physically see doesn't always show itself and its full meaning on first appearance. Her gut will be able to guide her much more safely.


goddessof1967 said:
Maybe wearing the blindfold is allowing her to make a decision with her gut/feelings rather than what she can physically see. What you can physically see doesn't always show itself and its full meaning on first appearance. Her gut will be able to guide her much more safely.

This is a very good point goddessof1967 - and as you say by cutting herself off visually from her surroundings she is not distracted by anything that can muddle or confuse her. So perhaps she is shutting out in order to gain clarity.