DruidCraft - 5 of Pentacles


I'm a tree hugger too :)

This thread is really making me want to get my DruidCraft out to play again :)


Fudugazi said:
In Druidry, Trees are holy - they aren't quite churches, but they are as important to Druids as churches are to Christians. … it could be an oak, signifying both fate and stability.
My oak tree can be found here~

There is a certain sadness in nature ~and~ some people carry a certain sadness inside themselves, a sort of mourning for humanity as well as for nature.
~that's the feeling I get from this card's image.

Suz :heart:

6 Haunted Days

One of my best friends when I was 11 was a huge Elm tree, right outside my window. I felt this connection and warmth....the tree comforted me like you wouldn't believe, I could hear it's branches against my screen, smell it on the night wind.....I would lie against it and tell it secrets. Stramge, I never thought about it being weird or not, it just felt right. We moved a lot growing up (22 times before I was 18!) but the house was across the street from my grandma's house, so I would visit her often...leave gifts. I hadn't been there for months one time...when I rounded the corner all I saw was a stump. It felt like punch in the gut, I was devastated. I sat by the stump crying and crying....saying goodbye.

This was a long prelude and meaning as to why, when I came across the 5 of Pents I had an amazing and spiritual reaction. I completely understood her distress and grief....and her coming to the tree for solace and understanding, for healing. This is an extremely powerful card for me.....infused with intense personal meaning. The artist captured everything with heartbreaking beauty.


Seeking solitude and a spiritual haven is of utmost importance in times of physical loss, spiritual mourning, or emotional sadness.
Too many people run to the crowds for noise and conversation to mask their thoughts; or to spiritual substitutes to numb their pain; or worse yet, to darkness with no hope or faith.

No wonder spiritual retreats are often held in rural or wilderness settings ~ people need to learn to go inward, and nature provides that safe haven.

Suz :heart:


This picture to me is a bit seductive, her right breast
is slightly exposed, and the 5 of pentacles hanging
from her belt is trying to tell that she's in need of money.


I didn't really get this card at first, but then it forced me to look at it by wedging itself in the box and refusing to come out :)

Unlike the traditional figures, the woman in this card does not seem to be suffering physically or materially. Hers is more of an internal suffering.

Her clothes make me think that she is wealthy. Brightly-coloured fabrics were expensive before the invention of synthetic dyes. She is better-dressed than some of the royalty in this deck, with no tattered edges. Her belt is ornately crafted from gemstones and gold. The pentacles hanging from her belt remind me of the stars being created by the apprentice goldsmith in 8 of Pentacles; I wonder if hers were made by the master goldsmith?

She has all the material things she could want, but she is miserable inside.