Druidcraft Roundup! - study group discussion thread


Quick moddie note here.

I'm a bit concerned about the proposal to copy great chunks from the Druidcraft book. Since we're scanning the cards as well I think also copying the whole of the text for a particular card may just be pushing the boundaries a bit and we may be on quite thin ice as far as copyright goes.

I think it's worth pointing out as there has been bother with issues like this one in the past.

I think it's ok to use quotes from the book to illustrate a point or if something needs explaining but I don't think we should be using the whole text.
Since it's a deck and book set everyone will eventually have the book anyway.

Personally I'd prefer to hear the views of AT members rather than the authors version of things anyway.

Sorry to be a party pooper.


Sulis xx


Thank you for pointing this out so quickly, Sulis. I was wondering about this myself & thought I saw a post or something else on the web about how much you could copy. I actually thought it would be more fun to analyze it solely ourselves. What it means to you is what really matters & it leaves it open for more discussion since you don't "know" what it means. I'm always grateful for advice & past experiences from members who have been involved in Study Groups before. Do you think I should go back & delete it or is not doing it again good enough?



I reckon it would be ok to leave the blurb on the Princess of Wands where it is :)


Sulis xx


I've not had my deck come yet but I'd love to paticipate in this study group. :)


Emily - we'd love to have you! I can't wait until you get your deck. It's always fun to hear how people gush over it when they actually get to see it in person. Until then enjoy the threads, with scans, that we have so far. :eek:)


Hi TygrEyes,

I have been checking the posts out and I'm loving seeing the scans of the cards - There really is something special about this deck. I'm hoping I get it tomorrow instead of Tuesday. :)


I am also looking forward to joining in with you all in the study threads for this lovely deck. I have been enjoying seeing the scans as well while I am waiting for Yule (actually Summer Solstice for me down here ;) ) to open my deck. Mind you I couldn't resist it and jumped into one thread already even though I have not had a chance to look through the deck myself yet.

Only 2 more sleeps. ;)



I have been thinking about getting this ever since I saw it in the shops a few days ago. It is on the tad ebpensive side (for me) but I think it might be worth it. I really feel connected to them! A little post christmas pressie for myself perhaps! So soon I hope to join this study group! I'm only knew to tarot aswell so it will be a great learning experience


goddesscarlie we would love for you to join us as well. The scans are beautiful aren't they. I paid more than I would have normaly done for this deck also but I consider it well worth it!

I find every deck a great learning experience ;)


I just got the DruidCraft tarot and I would like to join the study group. But I'm not quite sure what a study groups really is. Is it discussing just the cards and interpretation of them, or is it more?