Fae-rly crazy happenings


Have any of your faery friends ever manifested to you? I know it sounds crazy but... Smoothe Harry paid me a visit. Not the fellow from the deck, this one looked different but I knew he was a Glanconer. I saw a pair of large, green, glowing eyes peeking out from my clean laundry (on the chair next to my bed) when I laid down to sleep for the night. I asked "What is it? Do you want to tell me something?", and out from the laundry came a huge, beautiful, glossy black rat with the afore mentioned glowing green eyes. He crawled under the blankets and curled up next to me. He stayed there for about five minutes before dissipating.

I know some of you have had objects spontaneously manifest, how about the fae themselves? This isn't a common thing for me, so I thought it worth mentioning. If you think I am crazy... be kind, us crazy people are always the last to know.

I should mention that this didn't happen just recently. I've been mulling over whether to say anything about it for a while now, and finally bit the bullet. It was when the weather was still cold, so maybe he was just cold and wanted to warm up.


How about that !! I do not doubt anything anymore. I know there are a lot of things out there that I don't understand and never will.

I will be very interested to read whatever else is written here and thank you for sharing your experience.


Thank you for the reply memries :)
From the otherwise resounding silence, I gather this isn't something that is discussed. Funny how it is okay to admit to seeing ghosts, but not faeries. Especially when so many people profess to believe in faeries... it is puzzling.


first i saw this thread. i believe you must have seen a faery---why not? when i got my newest faery deck, the Brian Froud's Faerie's Oracle, all kinds of strange things began to happen around the house to me. I swear it was the faeries---warming up to me and enjoying pulling pranks on me. :D

now that we are 'use' to each other, they only pick on me :laugh: once in awhile! we've come to an agreement, the faerie's & I. I use them whenever I or a client needs advice---more then needing just a reading. Solely them-no other deck. I also take them EVERYWHERE with me---when I travel. They in turn bestow blessings on me.

Since this 'agreement', I rarely have my computers, television, vcr, dvd machines and other electricals breaking on me or even acting up. before it was a daily occurence, with 2 or 3 machines breaking in a day, only to 'miraculously' work again by the time my husband came home from work. I finally just asked them to stop---so, it did. So, if I can 'talk' to them and see blessings coming my way as a result, why not be allowed to actually see them materialize, like you did?

I agree, if one can see ghosts and people accept it, why not the faeries?


I haven't had a faery manifest in person yet. But I do 'see' things out of the corners of my eyes, and occasionally other things I won't go into here. However, they do talk to me (audio manifestation?).

Just recently, I bought a labradorite stone about the size of an egg and somehow it turned up in the bag I keep the Froud Fae in. I was going to take it out and I had a heck of a time! I would try to push it up by feeling for it on the outside of the bag and it kept falling back in. Then I reached in to get it, and couldn't get a good grip on it. As I was trying to get it, I heard "please let us keep it - it reminds us of our forest" or something like that. So I let them have it with them in the bag. :D Thing is, I don't recall ever putting it in there to begin with...



how cute valeria! glad you shared that story with us.


Thanks, CN :D

I'll be the first to admit I was skeptical of the stories "you crazy Fae people" were telling...after getting the deck, and having this sort of thing happen to me ALOT, I am PROUD to count myself as one among you :D


My Froud fae have adopted my pendulum but they still let me use it from time to time. It actually works better now since they adopted it and they keep the cats away from it too. No more fishing it out from under the bed! They don't usually pull pranks on me because I'm no fun. I usually don't notice if they hide things, I just figure I must have moved it and forgot about it. I am very absent minded. The few times I have caught them at it, I just tell them to "Return it right now" and then I leave the room. When I come back, the missing item is either on the bed or my so-called altar (is it still an altar if you don't worship anything?).
I envy those who can get them to answer questions, all mine want to do is talk about the weather and current events. Sometimes I get "oh yeah, so and so is going to call you" or "congratulations on the promotion" before I have gotten the promotion or the call.


though I always believed in the faerie's and such, and would gladly sit still, (even as a wee one!), to listen to my Irish grandfather tell stories of the 'wee' people in Ireland, and leprechauns and such, (in his thick Irish brogue), and how to find them ourselves, when I grew up---I 'put' the foolishness out of my head---sort of.

felt i had to if I did not want to be labeled as a nut! :D but then, as time went on I figured what the heck, and began to pass the stories on to my own daughter, and neices & nephews, even taking them on faerie safaries in our backyard! :D (okay, so i am a bit 'odd', what of it? :laugh:)

however, it seemed at the time to still only be in jest. then, I began to collect faery things---and things began to 'happen'...........................i'm a full believer again! :D

and God Bless Them! ;)


Over the years, I kind of grew apart from them but I reconnected when I found the Faeries Oracle online. I finally bought the deck and it felt like a family reunion. I've only ever seen a fae once before and that was right after they gave me my wand. Even then it was more like a vision than something 3D.