Favourite Non-Tarot Oracle?


Just out of interest, what are peoples favourite non-tarot oracles?

I like my runes, and also Rumi Cards which I find inspiring.

I recently purchased for a friend the Oracle of the Fairies (?I think that is what it's called) and it looks wonderful. Does anyone else have this?


my favorites are the medicine cards and the druid animal oracle cards. i guess the medicine cards are my fav b/c i lost my original and had to go buy another deck. i've use it for about 7 years. i've only have the DAO about 6 monthes but i love the images and results i get.

i've been looking for a set of fairy oracle cards but haven't found one yet. i've heard lots of positive about them.


Well, like you it is my runes, but I also have some Oracle dice. I have few runes, my favourite being the original Blum runes.

A word of warning for rune buyers: make sure they supply a full set ! I have one incomplete set...ah well.


My runes have become almost sacred to me because they were made by a friend who has since committed suicide. So I'll treasure them forever. They are beautiful too. He etched the symbols onto rose quartz crystals and then painted those symbols with gold paint. They are so beautiful and I think of him whenever I look at them. Oddly enough, I don't often use them for divination.


Happiness (03 Dec, 2001 05:45):
A word of warning for rune buyers: make sure they supply a full set ! I have one incomplete set...ah well.

your incomplete set wouldn't happen to be the serenity prayer runes? i'm glad i bought them on clearance b/c i would have really been p'oed if i'd paid $20 for those. i still have my original set of ralph blum runes. i don't use them as much as i once did. i like them but i just don't mesh them like i do cards.


Hi Truthsayer,

I bought my incomplete rune set from a travelling psychic fair in St.Albans, Hertfordshire. It was £10. Ah well, I don't think it was deliberate, but still annoying. Oh well, maybe there is a cosmic reason ?



The Faerys´Oracle by Brian Froud.It comes with a book by Jessica Macbeth.
It gives me very accurate readings.

You can look at it on http://www.worldoffroud.com/ (where you also get free on-line one-card and three-cards readings,with a short summary of the cards meanings) and here at Solandia´site at non-tarot decks.

Is this the one you´ve got,Wichywoman?

My favourite Tarot deck is The Inner Child Cards.These two are very different in style,but easy to read intuitively.

Love and Light,Genna.

New River

the runes are my second choice as well.

ours are clear quartz with gold ingravings.

i love to see them in my path during the day. sometimes the gifu rune in crossed contrails in the sky or a branch forked a certain way. i don't keep them relegated to the stones.

love, light and hope, New River


ralph blum's "serenity runes", while not the entire 24 or 25 symbols of the rune alphabet, is SUPPOSED to be only five runes--you didn't get cheated! based on the concept therein (the "serenity prayer"), i don't believe it is intended to be percieved as an incomplete set of runes. the original retail price was a bit much, wasn't it?
for others not familliar with this set: each ametrine stone has a rune symbol carved on it, representing a particular word in the serenity prayer ("God", "acceptance", "courage", "serenity" and "wisdom"). it includes a pouch, a laminated card of the prayer, and a small, hardback book. i especially liked the book.
this is very much a "gift set" type of product; i found it to be a great way to introduce certain friends to the general idea of healing/divinatory things. for example, i gifted this set to one of my co-workers, who was then inspired to investigate other forms of divination, and now thoroughly enjoys the i-ching.
i can understand how a serious student of runes would find this set to be incomplete. most individuals that i gifted this to (four or five--that clearance deal you referred to!) have moved on to "whole" sets of runes; a couple of them (like my i-ching friend) just found that runes aren't the right cup of tea--but the cool thing is, they have each found something else!


Hi all,

Have to tell you I love my pendulums...is that considered another type divination. I started with just yes and no answers then I rec. the books from metaz with Pendulum charts and and the pendulum actually worked with it...

anyone know where I can get a few more Pens. LOL