Got my Froud's Faeries Oracle


And I am blown away.

I had read the some of the threads in the study group about it - looked at some of the card images, and since it didn't look like a "cutesey" deck, I bought it.

I had always wondered about actually seeing the faeries, rather than seeing the evidence of their activities. Imagine my surprise (actually shock) when I recognized some of the Singers of the Realms, particularly the Guardian of the Gate and the Singer of Transformation. I see these regularly when I have private ritual.

I read the intro to the book, and did the exercise suggested by Ms Macbeth. That was quite interesting and a good sign to me that I will read well with this deck.


That is interesting Sharpchick,

when I went to a talk by Froud, he stated that he had seen some of the Singers in the forms of 'pillars of light' at key moments of his life- the one he described was when he watched his son Toby go off to school for the first time. One of his main motives in creating Good faeries/bad faeries, the book on which the oracle is based, was introducing people to the Singers. But most people find them the hardest to connect with (me included) as they are the most abstract. So you have a pretty amazing headstart right there, I look forward to hearing how your faery expereinces develop!


HAPPY NEW DECK! :D they really are amazing arent they? Im sure you will have many wonderful hours & years with them. & the Singers are amazing, they are my favourite cards. :) MM


Congratulations, SharpChick! :D

I've only had mine for a few weeks and from the start the Fae have blown me away!

Now come join us at Kahlie's party :D



Hey SharpChick, so glad you're pleased with this fabulous deck :) I too have just recieved Froud's Faeries, just today in fact and I am sooooooooo pleased with them, much beyond what I thought. The art work is outstanding, how very beautiful and so detailed, I'm in love! I also recommend his book, Good Faeries/Bad Faeries, I also recieved that today and have already finished reading it :) I haven't done my first reading with the cards yet as I wanted to get to know each Faery a little bit better first but I reckon I'm gonna do my first one tomorrow or Wednesday and I can't wait to see what they have in stall for me :)

I can't recommened this deck highly enough, truly beautiful...


They really are great cards. It did take them along time to talk to me though. But now....


Hi Sharpstick! come join us in the Faeries Oracle study group! It is a great place to share and learn and is very active.


I'll be there soon. I am doing daily draws and they are so on point.

I really had no idea how well this oracle would work for me.

Little Baron

I think I always like the Singers the best too. I always see long columns of light here. Never considered the singers until reading this thread. I'll say hello next time :)

Glad youre enjoying it SC. I have had some nice moments with it, but faeries arn't really my thing. But it is an attractive pack.

I have GFBF too. And Lady Cotting-whatever's Pressed Fairy book. Great art.



LittleBuddha said:
I have GFBF too.
Color me ignorant! ~giggles~ What does that acronym stand for?