Faery Seekers Signup thread ~ March 10th to 31st


Hello Faery Seekers ~

Time for a new round of playing with the Fae!

Please note: this Circle uses the Brian Froud "Faerie's Oracle" only, not other fairy decks.

This is a time commitment to a fellow Faery Seeker. If life gets in the way, please notify me and/or Jewel, and certainly your partner so as to not leave folks hanging. Most folks are fine with an extension if it comes to that.

Question: was the 3 week time period for readings about right now?

Here is the new spread for the round, created by WalesWoman:
The Gift by WalesWoman


The Gift
1. The Card- the message/your destiny
2. The Ribbon- what ties it together and makes it interesting, adds beauty
3. The Wrapping paper- An obstacle/what keeps things hidden behind attractive deceptions
4. The Box- What protects and contains your gift
5. The Stuffing- What can be tossed out, unnecessary packaging/protection
6. The Gift - your hopes/dreams fulfilled.
Partners will be assigned on
Saturday, March 10th.

Readings are to be completed, with feedback, by Saturday March 31st.

Yours in fae,



The three week time frame was great! For a minute I thought I would be late in delivering my reading, and then what a sigh of relief when I realized I had more time.

Count me in for this round.


I'm in too Marion, in spite of still being furious about you know ... :)


Glad to hear the time frame takes the stress off the readings. So, glad that was a positive change.


*waving* I'm in! The Fae need to come out and play! Sorry in advance to my partner, in advance, if I am a bit rusty!


Me too, I am in. I am loving this deck!



Just got the deck today! So they can come out and play with the other Faery Seekers :)

Oh, and I'm in. Wasn't sure if that was clear, lol


My fae and I are definately in for this round!!!!


Oh, this is great! Glad to see you all, I have updated the participant list.
:love: :love: :love: :love: