I am creating a new deck...


Wow. I love the Empress! :D

WAY TO GO GoserGosarian! :)


wow... those look really nice!

good luck with getting them printed. i have a feeling you are going to end up printing more than you expected to.


They're lookin great! Way to go, they look awesome! I'm also making a tarot deck (just for fun really) and I'm printing them out on cardstock and I hope to get them laminated. Best of Luck to ya!


Im done.

Im done already. 78 cards, done. Printed each one out, approx. 4x6 on the heaviest glossy photo paper, then used 3M adhesive spray on either side (glued to a back, also heavy glossy photo paper). When dried, cut them on a $20 paper cutter, then used laminate paper and sealed the deal. Cheap, but lengthy process. For my love of my life, so every second worth it. A big "peess off" to all the copyright/wannabe lawyers out there who have a problem with me using other peoples work. I also burn compilation CD's of my favorite musical artists without any credit going to those artists. ANYONE who wants specifics on making a homemade deck, please ask.... it took a lot of research, time and experimenting (down to the corner cutters) to get it right.

p.s. The first reading was so spooky I we almost didnt finish it.
coincidence? hmmm.....


oh, btw... major copyright issues involving printing... I dont have high speed internet, but Im more than willing and more than pleased to send out a CD with all the PSD files on it. BEAUIFUL cards I might add. I have no idea how, here's my EMAIL. Maybe send me a self adressed envelope with postage for me to stick a burnt CD into, thats the easy way. KINKOS will do it no problem, I just had the homemade thing going. Ill give anyone all the cards no prob... thats why I made them. Remember, if you go to kinkos or somewhere else.... do this.

1)dont worry about the backs.

2)Have them printed at best possible quality on the thickest glossy photo paper.

3)Laminate them.

thats it. heres my E-mail: Korn6192001@yahoo.com
heck... check em out on the 'puter...you might want them printed out. I just cant do it from here...ah the humanity.