Introducing the Inner Beloved


Sophie-David said:
Sorry if I'm coming on a bit strong here, and you've probably thought of these things already, but I don't want to take any chances: this really can be dangerous stuff.

Thank you for your encouragement and have a good holiday!

Oh, I'm coming to a point in my life that this is probably going to happen. I have several personalities within me that I would like to identify and either let go of or intergrate if they're meant to be apart of me. I'm not venturing on this path alone...i do have a hypnotherapist in for the first of the year. He has a safe spirit that I feel comfortable with so it's going to be a deeper journey into my spirit than i'm used to.

You're not coming on strong at all. In fact i find your words and intention rather soothing. This is just something that I find intriguing with my background in psycholgoy also!

Peace and Happy holidays, at work printing something for massage therapy! Done for now!


Hi Cerulean

Cerulean said:
Thanks for the information and explanations. If the New Life and Lovers Path Tarot don't suit you, it almost seems like aspects of the Alchemical Tarot by Robert Place is related to your themes of Divine Union, as well...
I just got a chance to check out these references. I realize that I had found both these decks before. I am particularly interested in Lover's Path Tarot. I had discovered the deck a bit earlier, was excited about it, and then forgot about it when I realized it wasn't available yet. But now its been released its definitely on my wish list for the new year. As you suggested earlier, Kris Waldherr explores both the inner and outer Beloved in this deck.

Robert Place's Alchemical Tarot is also interesting, although I find some of the cards disturbing, particularly the Star. The deck it is out of print so I would have to get it used. I will have to think about this one.

Cerulean said:
In contrast, I compared to a book and website that I examined this weekend in a book called the Shadow Tarot, where the author/artist took a mythical approach to her writing and meditative interactions with her partner and grounded...her artwork is more primal and collage-painting oriented. Just a different take, more for those who like shadow depths to study (they would for example might prefer to take moral lessons from Dante's Inferno and Purgatory rather than focusing on the journey as a loving parable of a pilgrim going on to Paradiso).
Yes, I think you have described the deck well. I have grown to love shadows, but my focus in this case would be on "a loving parable of a pilgrim going on to Paradiso" rather than "moral lessons" and therefore the Shadow Tarot is not for me. I do like Julie Cuccia-Watts' work, which some consider dark.

All the best of the season!