List of tarot myths

le fey

Drawing a card will make what it depicts happen.


Isn't the tarot supposed to be the work of the devil/satan.

Don't you lose your soul if you read the cards?

le fey

Every tarot card has one precise meaning that's correct.


And doncha know...the tarot will tell you when and how you will die!

The weirdest one I ever heard...if you bring a pre-owned tarot deck in your house, your cakes and baked goods will never rise.

I knew a woman who SWORE that this was true!


What about the story that the gypsies invented the tarot thousands of years ago, even before there were gypsies.


Re-ordering the deck after each reading is a must.

You have to destroy a deck you don't use any more by burning it/burying it/whatever it.

You should not read the cards while you're pregnant.

You can't have more than one reading deck.

Elly Magritte

The Death card always means death.

All Tarot readers are creepy.


You must never, under any circumstances, read Tarot cards on a Sunday.


I've also read in a book that you aren't supposed to read Tarot while you're having your period, or after eating a meal (why? Am I going to get a cramp and drown?)


*With dicating voice:
Cards should be drawn with the left hand, the hand from the heart!