List of tarot myths


That you must throw away the LWB's and never read any tarot books :)

le fey

- That there must always be an exchange for the reading (cross my palm with silver).
- That you must never read Tarot for money or you'll be perverting your gift.

I love the contradictory ones.


le fey said:
Only psychics can use Tarot cards successfully.

This is the one I would post but has already been stated :) so I'll second it.


AJ said:
That you must throw away the LWB's and never read any tarot books :)
Conversely: You can ONLY learn tarot by reading books. :)


willowfox said:
What about the story that the gypsies invented the tarot thousands of years ago, even before there were gypsies.
or before there were cards, even.

Yes it's well know that Tarot was invented in ancient Egypt, the name Tarot even comes from Ta-Ro meaning "The Royal Road", and they were introduced to Europe by gypsies.


How about if you read for yerself all the time you will go blind,.......wait.

:bugeyed: whoops. Got my myths of different subjects mixed up :p



I'm just going through some of my more eclectic "divination" coffee table books for this.

Here's another beauty:

Once upon a time, at the court of calif Harun-al-Rashid, there was a secret order of wise men, who painted all their learnings into coded pictures, which they called Tarot! (No reason for the name is given ;) ; taken from "The Book of Oracles" by Gerhard Merz)


All the "scary" cards are actually tremendously positive and you should jump for joy if they turn up in your reading, as they're really about "transformation", empowerment, freeing yourself from limited ways of thinking and similar warm fuzzy stuff.

EDIT: excepting of course the Happy Squirrel Card (*shudders*)


The truth is that aliens visited the Egyptians showed them how to build pyramids and gave their priests the secret knowledge of the tarot, the first cards were made from papyrus, then the gypsies stole the secret and sold it to some rich merchants up in Venice, a thousand or so years later.


you should only get your cards read once a year, twice TOPS.
You must have "the gift" to learn or read