Pearls of Wisdom Tarot Study Group


Thank you Rede Seeker! :)

Tarotgarden sent out my deck yesterday, so hopefully it will be here by the weekend, or early next week - mail from abroad has been a bit unpredicable, lately.

I do have quite large hands, but I still prefer smaller decks (like the Sakki-Sakki) for shuffling.
Still, as long as it's no larger than the Baba-Studio decks, I should be able to manage.

I'm looking forward to joining you in the study group!

I tend to use my decks mostly for daily (single) cards, and this deck seems very well suited for that.


Hi Folks,

I just wanted to let you all know that I received a lovely email from Roxy Sim.

She wanted us all to know that she's gaining lots of insights into her own deck by reading through the study group threads.
Here is what she said:
Roxi Sim said:
We also very much appreciate your wonderful and positive comments on the Tarot Forum. Your "powers of observation" are uncanny, and I have learned more about the cards and their meanings through your study of them.

and this:
Roxi Sim said:
Learning about The Runes have been interesting to me as well, please pass on to Rede Seeker how much more I have learned from her as well, I very much appreciate her insights. And Miss 6 as well.

The Goddess figures come from my previous art work from two series I did on "Earth Devas" and "Tree Spirits", the Tarot seemed a natural for my imagery. In a way, those prior paintings were already the Tarot... My background is Scottish, so, in a way, this was also a bit of a journey into my heritage, pagan, Celtic.

We have been very pleased with the response so far, and hope that the deck is helpful to those who seek it out. I would love to hear some feedback from you regarding the readings you have done with the deck. We are also available through Counter Culture Distributing in the UK.


6 Haunted Days

Wow, this is so great Sulis! Thanks for sharing the email from Roxy!

It feels very good to know the artist and creator is aware and getting new insights from others who love their work. I love the extra info on those land "people", they're a major favourite part of the deck for me!

I have to say I'm quite flattered that Roxy noticed and has enjoyed my writings on the cards! What a fantastic thing to know.

I would love if she were to join AT and post in the PoW threads, if you're reading this'd get a very warm and loving welcome! :D

Rede Seeker

Tapped into Solid Rune Lore

Thank you, Roxi.

I 'translate' the Rune Widsom that you 'downloaded' when you created these wonderful cards. You tapped into a powerful Rune-source.

It's a delight to read the Tarot and Runes woven together this way.


Rede Seeker said:
There is so much to see in each card.

Here's an excerpt from an email from the Publisher (posted with permission):

'The artist tells me the original paintings were designed as “3D” and that the cards go “3D” under a magnifying glass. Just a bit of trivia.

High Adventure,

7th House '

Can anyone confirm the 3d thing? Just curious. I discovered the deck yesterday and ordered it as soon as I had investigated a bit. First order was out of stock, so I'm trying the publisher. The site says it's in stock, but the other one did, too... Looking forward to joining in on the chatter!


I haven't tried looking through a magnifying glass to see if the 3d thing works but it says so on the 7th House Publishing site.

You'll be very welcome in our study group.. I've not been using this deck for a couple of weeks but it's calling out to me again now :)

I think Rede Seeker may have tried out the 3d thing - I feel sure it's mentioned somewhere in these study threads but you may have to hunt around a bit to find it.



Hello Sulis, Rede Seeker, Miss 6, and everyone else, Roxi here, thank you for your invitation to join the forum. Not sure what you might like to know about the Pearls of Wisdom Tarot deck, I don't want to interfere with your own interpretations, revelations, and such, as I have learned much from you.But I am willing to share some of the process I went through in the deck's creation.

In painting this deck, my goal was to offer Tarot readers a visual vocabulary to use in their readings, and actually "read the card". I have very much enjoyed that many of you see all the details and "get" the meanings. I also have appreciated the positive reviews written.. What a wonderful reception you have given both me and Caeli. Thank you.

Many of you have commented on some card defects, I wanted to pass on that 7th house has hired someone to go through all of the decks to ensure that any decks ordered from now on, are of the best quality. They have temporarily stopped shipment of decks until they have filtered through all of the decks, (a big job). 7th House has had a committment to quality and even went through several proofs with the printers to get the best printing, colour and size they could, it is unfortunate that there have been problems. Just think of it this way, coin collections are always worth more when the coins have defects right? The first decks will be great collector's items...

As soon as I know any more I will let you know. Thanks for your feedback to 7th House on this problem.

I will make some comments on the cards as they come up.
Aka "Hexi" just because it rhymes with Sexy....

6 Haunted Days

Hi Roxi!!!

{{{Roxi}}} A very warm hug of welcome, so very happy to see you've joined AT!

You can guess that I love your deck in every way, and you're right, it's a deck you "read". I have about 200 decks, with most decks I like a book with it, just for some "help" on on the imagery/symbols. With your deck it started speaking to me straight out of the box! I've never had a deck 'speak' to me in such a clear, deeply-layered and very spiritual way. It amazed me and still does! I love the booklet that comes with it, but with the PoW, I just read the books at all needed. It's a grand liberating feeling of limitless horizons.

This deck will be a life-long favourite, the past couple months the Bohemian Gothic release has distracted me from the PoW, but just today I got the deck out and it sang to me with clarity and wisdom right off again. Wow have I missed it! It's definately 'my' reading deck.

And today i finally found my magnifying glass and looked at the cards through! They look completely awesome and they're moving. You guys who love the deck must get a magnifier and do this, you'll love it!!

It adds a whole other dimension to an already beloved deck, how happy am I?

I very much look forward to your posts and wisdom Roxi, welcome aboard! :)

:love: Miss 6 (real name is Share ;) )



Thanks again for the warm welcome, I appreciate all that this forum has to offer and for the comments and support.

Painting the tarot is not an undertaking for the faint of heart... I had no idea where I was going, or what it was all about, instead I entered on the journey on trust or faith that I would finish it, though at times.... Lets just say that I had to "go through" every card as I painted it, and some were harder than others.

I drew the cards as I went, so I may have painted one King one year and another two years later... Once I painted them they were photographed and then stored, so I didn't go back to "make them right" after. I just trusted that when the painting "told" me it was finished that it was. I only re-painted maybe two or three paintings in the beginning, to get the suits to have a look, colour pallet and such, and once it got going, I quit questioning or fighting anything, and just let them come as they did.

The 3D thing was really exciting to discover.. It happens in part because of my painting style, I use a fine black line around everything, in part because I love to play with the illusion of depth in paintings, and in part from the printing process which uses opaque and translucent inks. The opaque inks sit on top of the translucent ones.

We discovered the "3Dness" in some prototype cards we made with the major arcana, Caeli was using a magnifying glass to see all the details in the card and phoned me up saying they go 3D!! I just said "yes, the paintings are 3D, that is how I painted them", then she said "No they are really 3D have a look."

I was so excited and thrilled that they had this "trippy" aspect to them, I loved the TV show Carnivale and they had tarot cards in the opening that the camera went into, so when our deck had this effect I was quite chuffed... It literally, adds a whole new dimension to the cards.

So get out your large magnifying glass, you need to look at it with both eyes to get the effect. You may also see details you had missed before.

Thanks again for this opportunity to share with you my journey through the tarot and the resulting Pearls of Wisdom Tarot Deck and Book. If you have any specific questions feel free to ask and I will try to answer as best I can.
If you want me to make comments on the cards already in the forum, just let me know.

Enjoy your journey through the cards.
with love Roxi


Wow. Roxi, thanks so much for that. I'm still waiting on my deck, but I have to admit that I was getting a little nervous about that sun card. It's an important one to me, and many decks have left me disappointed. Now that I understand what's behind the image, I feel much better.

I'm really excited about the deck-- it's not often that I find one with artwork that I like so much. I'm looking forward to making a Very Special Bag for it with some freshwater pearls I got my hands on!