Relationship Problem Solving Spread


The purpose of this spread is to find out how to improve problem areas when you aren't sure what the problem is.
I think this spread would be good for any kind of relationship, job situation, even the one with yourself for that matter.

Relationship Problem Solving Spread
2 * 1 * 3
5 * 4 * 6
8 * 7 * 9
*10 *11*

Card 1: The problem, the real question; present situation, reason for asking.

Cards 2,3,4,5 and 6 represent the nature of the relationship.

Card 2: Shows how you relate to the other person.
Card 3: Shows how the other person relates to you.
Card 4: Shows what the relationship looks like as a whole.
Card 5: Shows your hopes, needs and desires in the relationship.
Card 6: Shows the other person's hopes, needs, and desires in the relationship.

Cards 7,8,9, represent conflicts and insights into impediments.

Card 7: What is causing conflict or impediments.
Card 8: Represents your perspective of the problem and how you will deal with it.
Card 9: Represents the other person's perspective on the problem and how they will deal with

Cards 10, 11, 12 offers insight and solutions

Card 10: What needs to change to overcome challenges.
Card 11: This is how you can resolve any differences and how you can improve the relationship and take it to the next level.

Card 12: Crucial Insight; additional advice or outcome.

I could probably have changed positions and put #4 after #6, but I liked having the first part of the reading in three columns. It made it easier to see each side of the story and the middle ground. The last two questions are how to get things back into balance and the final question is the pivot point of the balance in a way.
Guess I could have "spread" this out and made it look like a see-saw or some further rearranging could make it look like a set of scales. The spread I did with it was easy for me to read, don't know if it was the question or the way the cards turned out, but it felt really good to use it.

Just a note: Any and all of the spreads I post are to be used and shared by anyone or I wouldn't have posted them in the first place. I'm just tickled to death when someone else finds them useful.

Aura Wolf

I like this spread, WalesWoman, and could really use it right now. I think I may try it with my new Quest :) Thanks.


Hi there Deb, thanks for the great spread. I used this last night and it worked a treat!


!!!!YaHOO!!!!! I just love it when that happens, beat the heck out of scratching your head for days on end.


Oh Wow I forgot about this, such a surprise seeing it pop up.

mrjoshua- perhaps you should post this in My Readings section and get more feedback/input that way- if the moderators don't move it first.


would be really useful for my situation now! Thanks for sharing


I just used this spread this week, and it worked really well. I was pleased and the querent was pleased. :D

Thanks for sharing such a great spread. :cool:


still my heart

i agree this spread is a good way to put relationships into perspective.. i was overly concerned about a situation and it gave me insight as to the things that are revolving around my "friend" (hopefully soon to be partner heh)...
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Thank you for this very useful spread!

earth mama

I like this spread i'm going to try it out tonight.