Relationship Problem Solving Spread


i am going to try it tonight too!


This looks like it's just what I wanted!

Hey there, it looks like you struck gold with this one! I was trying to find a "how to identify and solve problems in relationship" spread and here it is!!
I'm going to use it and let you know how it goes!

Keigh (Debbie)


I'm looking forward to hearing about it... hope it helps!


WalesWoman said:
Just a note: Any and all of the spreads I post are to be used and shared by anyone or I wouldn't have posted them in the first place. I'm just tickled to death when someone else finds them useful.

Thanks to whomever bumped this! I was looking for a spread like this. :)

Ivy Rhiannon

Thanks for this spread wales woman! Very insightful.


Very good spread!

Thank you for this spread! It seems very usefool and beautiful for interpritations many questions and chiefly using not many cards!


great idea

Thanks for the awesome spread!! I'm going to try throwing it tonight and see what happens; it's perfect for my situation!


i would try it

but i dont know how to read the cards yet


Thank you for this beautiful spread. I just used it last night to read for a friend. She was troubled by her marriage and didn't know where to go. The reading was accurate and helpful. Thank you again.



Very cool spread. It was extremely accurate when I tried it.