Secrets of Lithomancy (stone or crystal divination)


Hey Elf~I wouldn't worry too much about having too much of one stone over set is very agate heavy!

And geodes are very cool....are the undersides of the stones interesting as well? You can have a neat extra feature if the backside of the stone means something slightly different than the front side!


that is a very interesting idea.
I like it....

I have a fragile shell for my summer, I'm afraid she'll break doing the drop method, which is not a good way to be, worrying over the one breakable item in the set.

So, I think I need to search for another shell or for a different summer.
But shells just mean summer to me...beach and walks and collecting and picking shells.

Chronata, thanks so much for this thread. I love this new system. Lots to memorize, but I'm printing it all off and saving it to my word prgm. It is so fun!


Chronata you're terrific!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU THANK YOU! I have a twelve year old daughter and with Midsummer coming up, I wanted to find something special that we could do together. As we both love stone/crystals, this will be perfect! I was thinking maybe we could draw a yellow circle on a cloth for the sun with long triangular shaped rays of different colors coming out from it for the different houses. I so appreciate you sharing your wisdom and ideas :)


Wow, what a great Idea for summer school! wish my rents had been as open and fun as that!


I am very happy to share all this...don't know why I have kept it to myself for so long...

If folks are interested I will post the meanings for the planetary lithomancy oracle set as well!
it uses less stones...and if you are interested in is a natural!

Ankou...I just saw your question about the term sortiledge....

Lithomancy is about divining with rocks stones or crystals (Litho means rock)

Sortiledge is divining with bits...using not only stones,... but feathers, acorns, buttons, coins...and anything else one fancies!...all put together as a set. Each object has a history....and a wealth of meanings very personal to the collector!

One of the ways to do a sortiledge reading is just to collect stuff in a bag, and pull objects at random...and another is to use the drop stone method with or withot a spread pattern!


Umbrae has a very odd assortment of items, a sortiledge set.
It includes his very own teeth....bwwaaahahahahhahahaaaa....


Chronata said:
If folks are interested I will post the meanings for the planetary lithomancy oracle set as well!
it uses less stones...and if you are interested in is a natural!

I'm interested.
I know almost nothing about astrology, but well, I'd like to see what you have.....again, part of my plan to get your secrets.... ;) :D :)


Midsummer Lithomancy

Okay, thanks to Chronata and the rest of you, I now have a lithomancy set to use at Midsummer! Since this will be used with kids, I changed the sets and meanings to keep things simple.
First I cut a two inch circle from red felt. Next I cut elongated triangles (sun rays) from orange, yellow, green, lt. blue, dk. blue and purple felt. These pieces are laid out in a sun design. Underneath them I have a dinner plate sized circle cut from brown polarfleece as extra padding. I assigned meanings to each color (roughly follow the chakras):

Red - Security
Orange - Pleasure
Yellow - Purpose
Green - Compassion
Lt. Blue - Communication
Dk. Blue - Intuition
Purple - Wisdom

Now for the stones....
What They Symbolize---Stone Used---Meaning:

Sun - Sunstone - Aggressive
Moon - Moonstone - Receptive
Animals - Rainforest Rhyolite - Movement
Plants - Malachite - Growth
Stones - Yellow Jasper - Solidness
Earth - Aventurine - Finances
Air - Yellow Citrine - Decisions
Fire - Tiger's Eye - Beginnings
Water - Blue Chalcedony - Messages
Spring - Unakite - Creating
Summer - Apricot Agate - Maturing
Fall - Amethyst - Letting Go
Winter - Apache Tear - Resting

So, just drop the stones over the sun design, and "read" the stones according to what they touch (combine the meaning of the stone with the meaning of the color it lands on). If they don't touch anything, just ignore them.
When you're finished, place the rocks and felt inside the middle of the brown circle, gather the sides to the top, wrap an elasic cord around the middle (with a pewter button attached for decoration), and you have an instant little carry bag to keep everything in.

Thanks to all of you for inspiring me!
Many Blessings,


Thanks for sharing Bodhran!
What a great set!

The applications for this little set seem limitless!


Cool! wow just reiterating what a great parent would share this with their kids!

Thanks Chronata!!! I've been wondering if I should repost the question, because this thread gets so exciting over and over again, I thought it might have gotten lost ;)

So I'm making a sortalidge set... OK (bouncy happy joy joy :D ) good to know!

You should get a sticky for this, by the time its done one thread will really be a marathon!!! (Chronata, you just know too much, can I be you when I grow up?)

Love and Light,