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Sylvie Steinbach

Thank you Valeria

Please join me in this first virtual workshop on the Lenormand deck -36 cards.

The class has been broken down by case studies that are relevant to important information. These teachings complement the book "the secrets of the Lenormand oracle" and will help you in getting better in reading the small Lenormand. The best decks are the ones who do not carry poems. All Lenormand can be used with the book.

You can learn at your own speed as you study starting case #1 and 2...
Check the discussions first and if you have questions you can PM anytime. I always answer.

Thank you,

Sylvie Steinbach

Sylvie Steinbach


There is now:

Secrets of the Lenormand study group -love- case study #4
Secrets of the Lenormand study group -past lives special- study



Sylvie Steinbach

new index

Just added:

Secrets of lenormand group study -professions- case studies 5 & 6
Secrets of Lenormand group study -Q & A

Sylvie Steinbach

Workshop expansion

There is now an advance study group for people who have completed the first course. Again you must have the book The Secrets of the Lenormand Oracle to participate and a deck Lenormand of 36 cards.

I will be off from Feb 2 to Feb 13 so I will not answer posts or questions during that time until Feb 14th.

I am always happy to answer questions through Private Message system or on the Q&A thread.

Thank you!

Sylvie Steinbach

Sylvie Steinbach


I would like to take a moment to remind everyone who is following the virtual course that in order to attend and participate to the threads called 'Secrets of the Lenormand group study', one must have the book 'The Secrets of the Lenormand Oracle' and a small Lenormand deck of 36 cards.

This is a free virtual class you can print the course and work on your time. I will always interact and respond to the posts -as a teacher- and on PM if needed. But in order to post your answers on any of those threads you must have the pre-requisites. IF not you are welcome to watch, read and print...But please do not post to avoid confusion on the meanings of the cards and the reading techniques. Your cooperation is greatly appreciate to ensure clarity in the threads for the students who are actively involved.

Thank you very much :)


Wow! This group has been busy!

I've just added all the advance study threads and the Merging Lenormand/Tarot thread to this Index!

Carry on :D

:love: valeria


Sexuality Study Post

I can't view this section. Is anyone else having this problem?


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Yes you are right it does not let you in...BUT go back to 'oracle study groups' big page and go to page 2 of the forum...look for the thread you are interested in like the one on sexuality, click on it and voila! :)

Good luck!


Hi everyone :)

The link to the Sexuality thread has been fixed!

Sorry for the inconvenience!


:love: valeria