shutting down psychic impressions because of fear


How many of you have an innate, subconscious fear of your psychic "powers"??? (whether you use them or not)

I've read things that say alot of us (psychics) were either in Atlantis, Lemuria, or the Salem witch trials in another life time. So we subconsciously (or consciously) fear our psychic impressions because they ultimately led to our deaths in those lives. We fear them at the same time we want to let them completely come out into the open.

There are many times when I'm doing a reading (tarot, scrying, psychic impressions, etc.) for someone and I can ALMOST get something but I think I block it somehow - even though I really am telling myself I want to "see" it. ?????

Anyone else have this happening to them??


I don't know if this is the answer to your question, but here goes. When I was a child there were somethings that happened that I can't explain. I would see things, I would know things, I would hear things. I was scared to death. I couldn't explain it. So after a while these occurences disappeared. no more "imaginary friends", no more holograms, no more voices. Through my childhood, I started going to a very strict Christian church, and was taught that psychics were bad. They were burning in hell as we speak! Not until I was about 17 I opened back up to my abilities. I feel that they are there, but they are so hard to get back. One of the reasons is, everytime I practice, they come back and I get scared and they go away. I dont' know how to stop being afraid. I tell myself I want the abiliteis back, and they will come, but I shut them out because I get so scared.


i know i am uncomfortable with trusting my psychic impressions. so often they are right on target and i'd be better off to trust them. i really believe i was burned as a witch tho b/c it's something i can't get off my mind. i don't know if you've noticed but i find myself writing often in posts here how i'm afraid if the fundies in town figure out what i am they'll burn me at the stake. it may sound like i'm kidding around but it's a strong feeling of fear of discovery. so no i don't think you're crazy, faunabay.


I have noticed you saying things like that before and had wondered. You know what's interesting with me though is I think I was hung, not burned at the stake.
I think I just had an epiphany! LOL When I was younger I absolutely hated to have anything tight around my neck. I could not wear a turtleneck sweater to save me from freezing!! LOL But I just right this moment realized the more I let my psychic abilities out the less I am afraid of tight things around my neck. WOW!!!!
Which actually when I think about it should be the opposite, but it's not. (shrug) Maybe the holding it tightly inside was causing more of the fear than actually letting it out??? hmmmmmmmmmmm



Fear holds us humans back in any area. I to, can be afraid of what I might 'see' but for different reasons. The knowing was an ability that was prominent and open on my fathers side of the family. I was 11 when my Aunt showed me about reading cards, and she tested me. My mother would tell me stories about the things my father would say..So I have no fear of being ridiculed, the fear is, do I REALLY want to know. I had an incident that If I had known what I was to 'see', I would have made the choice to pass on the info, but in retrospect, it was better to know beforehand, it softened the hard blow of reality that was to come. It's kinda a catch 22, but I think overall it's best to open up and go with the flow. Working around the fear, that's a tough one. Even with my experiences, I still am resisting in some ways.
faunaB: Just like you, I can not STAND turtlenecks, though I don't think that was from being hung, I feel that I had been choked.


Guess this goes for both Physic self defense and Shutting Down.

When I was younger, I had no idea about shielding. I had no idea what was even “wrong” with me. I did not realize I was sensitive.

When I was in my early teens and began to explore, I too was bombarded with a lot of neg. input/energy.

Late teens I finally found someone to help me out (after years of stumbling around on my own). First think she said to me was, “Wow! You need to shield yourself, I can’t even look at you!”

It is two separate, yet related disciplines to shield yourself from others, and others from yourself.

Large crowds used to be tough (I’d have claustrophobic panic attacks). I’m okay now. What helped me was placing an object on my person in such a way as to always be aware of two things at once.


To be aware of the external and internal simultaneously. That is what it took for me. It may work for others.

Years of fear...don't shut down. Learn to shield.


Umbrae: what kind of object do you mean? A gemstone, or a crystal, or a Tarot card? That kind of thing? Something visible like a ring that you see all the time, or something hidden on your person?

(Wait, no need to answer this. I'm editing this post because I've just seen your reply in the "Psychic Self-Defense Thread".)


It is okay...
Anything will do, normal jewelry, you get used to and "forget".
The idea here is to have a constant physical reminder (but not like a stone in the shoe) without discomfort.
A crystal in a bag under a waistband works.
Nowadays, I carry a stone in my pocket. It has been a while since I got past the constant reminder stage of defense/shielding.
A nice polished stone works just fine.
All I can say, is it works/d for me. Perhaps not for everyone.
For me it was diffucult to keep the light around be without forgetting and letting it down.


i had many, many psychic experiences when i was a kid. i really enjoyed them, until...... when i was about 11, and playing outside, my best friend and her mother drove by in their car. they honked and waved. as i started to wave i "saw them crash", i tried to scream and run after them, but they didn't see me. they did crash, while i was watching. luckily they got away with a broken leg, and hurt back. but i was angry. i couldn't understand why i saw this if i couldn't stop it. that was when my "visions" stopped. i started to connect again in high school but it wasn't until fairly recently that i've gotten anything "big". i think it has a lot to do with releasing many of the fears in my life not only my fears of the unknown. i still wonder why i see things i can't stop, but i no longer have any fear or anger about it.
i also believe that i died, in a former life, by fire. when i was about 8 , my father would make me burn the garbage. he'd hand me the paper matches, and i would cry and scream, terrified of the fire.
i also wake up sometimes, smelling a strong smell of smoke, in the house that no one else can smell.
sorry for the rambling :)


sometimes dealing with different 'entities' has scared me, but i haven't been afraid during a reading etc.

i guess we all just process things differently. i see fear as being more.......afraid to go there and see what you could see. new students to enlightenment are often afraid of what they may start experiencing and so when they do see a fairie or spirit or guide they run and hide LOL..........

hmmm.........all of your answers are something to think about. thanks for sharing.

in light,