Similar decks to the Playing Card Oracle?

strings of life

Bernice, Thanks for the tip about needing fanning powder for the Key to the Kingdom cards. I wasnt sure about the suit/number symbolism, but the images on the cards look like they'll make my head swim with interesting interpretations. Must read the book! This is a timely discussion; I was going to revive a thread about the set!

I agree about the Colors of the Four Seasons - love the artwork (water color, collages, etc.) and concept, but I have a feeling it would sit in my Tarot chest just like the Artists' Inner Vision did before I traded it away.

Le Fanu

It's not an "official" Fortune Telling Oracle in the way the PCOs are, but - thinking of Bee's recommendation for the Transformational decks - The Carta da Gioco Jost Amman deck has always captivated me.

It is published by Meneghello and is very readable. The pips are so full of detail and imagination.

I love this deck. It is one of the few playing card decks I have which lives with my tarot and oracle decks as it seems to belong there!


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Gypsy Witch? Can be used as playing cards or with the fortune telling images, so a two-in-one deck.

autumn star

Thanks everyone for the suggestions! Now I have to heaps to choose from.

I just realized that Lo Scarabeo also makes a lot of illustrated playing cards here: Does anyone have any of these? I thought that the Alice in Wonderland or the Living Flowers decks seemed appealing.

I like the images of the Key to the Kingdom - especially the one of the front cover of the deck with the Kingfisher and the key, the artwork looks really well done. I like the Colours of Seasons - very bright and busy but I think I could deal with that. The Fortune Telling deck is also really pretty :)


I just realized that Lo Scarabeo also makes a lot of illustrated playing cards. <snip> Does anyone have any of these?
I'm just guessing, but I think CardLady22 may have many of them :). They are all really double-duty decks where you can choose to read the images &/or the playing card meanings.

Bee :)


I have some. I don't use them for divination but there is no reason why not. The Alice deck is very pretty for example.

Some have the Tarot card images on them from various decks, I don't know if they are in the same order as the Tarot decks the images come from but it would seem likely...


I have a Spanish playing card deck (Baraja Espanola) where it's exactly like a pips tarot deck but without the majors and Pages.

And the Lo Scrabeo flower playing cards are just lovely :)


Don't forget these by Prospero Art, if you like Alice.

And then there are the US Games Natural World decks that I keep meaning to compile into my own Best Card Oracle Ever. Virginijus Poshkus, who did work on the Radiant Waite deck, did many of them. What's the UK/European equivalent publisher that does all the novelty playing cards of animals, flowers, etc? Very high quality as well.

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