the Feytypical tarot deck


While this is not the direction of study I was looking for when I started the thread asking for all the Fey users to come forward~

I hooked something to work with- it's been something that has popped in now and then and it's sort of a look at the Fey from the 'beginning' in manner of speaking, as well as comparing it to the typical RW images.
There are quite a few cards that the images are parallel to RW and then there are others that differ slightly and some that are totally atypical.
I'd like to look into this deeper. Some might see the parallels that I don't. With the Atypical, what are the symbols that represent the meanings and how do they make that connection.
I don't have a RW deck- what I have are two books with pictures, but only one book is strictly dedicated to RWS and it only covers the suits. The two decks that I have that are as close to RW is a itty bitty teeny tiny Universal {thanks melisssa!} and a stretch with the connolley...
{I also have New Vision- but that does not count)

In another post, it was asked about numerical correspondences.
Something I had NOT thought about- I don't really use number too much, except for when they stand out.

I divided my deck up and realized, these fey have no use for numbers! BUT- some cards have something within the image that connects to the cards number.

For instance- the 3 of Wands, the star-seed has three bulbs...
Of course there are three wands in RW, and in RW we see the figure from the back, in the Fey we have a bit of a side view but still, from behind.

The Fey in the 3 of Wands is connected to the Empress Fey- naturally, by numerical order- and they are both 'blue-skins'

I see the theme of care and nurturing in both cards.
Raising another live entity from a wee-one. Wands being the earthy things they are, it is appropriate that a seed-plant is used. {fey- in 'my book' have slightly different look at the elemental associations}*see below*

Aces- well they don't follow the singular- Swords and Pentacles do, but cups is a strech and wands- well, I see 'two' there.
Swords is the only one that comes close to being simular to RW with it's floating sword, then there is the Pentacles/hand connection but it's imaged out different.....

this is just a touch of what I have noticed-
how about every-one else?

I think what we could do is just throw a bunch of stuff up like I did above- short and sweet surface stuff.
From there, I'll pick the fey that is jumping up & down saying, "pick me! pick me! pick me!"
And I will start a thread where we can discuss it in depth.
sound good?
anything to add?

*Fey Elements*


Good stuff, Luna.
Just some random thoughts, we could look at interiors and landscapes of the Fey--what do they say? (and compare to RWS--though maybe comparisons aren't necessary), the colors of objects and "skins", and the animals/creatures. What does the Fey do or use that's especially significant or different, and what do they do that's very human.

Is there a way to organize topics or posts so we can collect observations in a straightforward way? (Not that I have any particular problem with regular posts.)


It looks rewarding !

Luna -- I would enjoy a card by card comparison between the Fey and Waite-Smith decks. If you really need a W-S deck I have a miniature deck I could send you.

It would be beneficial to compare a modern-day standard to the equally innovative Fey. I look forward to this exercise when it starts. Dave.


Re: It looks rewarding !

dadsnook2000 said:
If you really need a W-S deck I have a miniature deck I could send you.

OH-NO! not another MINI! :D

I think the pictures in my book are bigger than the minis-
I don't need it that bad-rofl


I look forward to this exercise. But I will need to wait on the arrival of my deck which is still on order. I will keep an eye on things until then. Sounds very interesting.



thoughts on format

I think what we could do- is start with numbers- sorta....
Starting with "Set #1"
the Aces and the Magician- (and maybe the Wheel?)

I figure that the numerical associations can be found within our own knowledge and research- as well as using the essence of the Majors of the same number.
Any one who is an expert with numbers- feel free to give us a quick summery of each number as we come to it.

  • numbers- how do the numbers play into the card and it's meaning....or do they?
    elements- what element dominates the card and does it follow the traditional element of the suit- how does it fit with the cards meaning.
    RW-parallels- how does the Fey image reflect the image of the typical RW decks- If they don't, then what Fey symbols bring forth the meaning of the RW image.
    enviroment & culture- how does the surroundings & characters bring forth the meaning of the card.
    sets- how does this group of cards compare to each-other.

with numbered sets- we have only 10- that covers 50 out of 78.
what we could do would to be to add the Wheel (10=1+0=1)
to set #1, Justice to set #2....etc....
this keeps the number aspects together, but I don't know how the dynamics of the decks individual cards and meanings will fall into place with the upper half of the Majors but I guess we shall see.
Last but not least is the Fool- poor guy, he's last this time! ~lol.

anything anyone want to add or offer before we get going?


Ohhh!!! I absolutely dig this post; Go on, you're doing great work here! I'm so happy to see, that you remembered my question about numerical correspondences .. I'm looking forward to lots of valuable bits of information, and I hope I can contribute in some way too - but as with Angel, my deck is still on order, .. :(


September Pixie

Hmmm I never thought about adding the wheel with the number 1, makes sence 1+0=1 but it just never occured to me, for instance what about the number 9? 3+3+3=9


Sounds great although I don't have a RW either, only a book with black and white pictures which I guess will do.

I'm a numbers nut and use them all the time except never with the Fey so should be interesting.

The Sun must also be included in a '1' set - 1 + 9 = 10 = 1


mooncat2 said:
Sounds great although I don't have a RW either, only a book with black and white pictures which I guess will do.

I'm a numbers nut and use them all the time except never with the Fey so should be interesting.

The Sun must also be included in a '1' set - 1 + 9 = 10 = 1

1. I'm growing up to be just like you!
2. funny, sounds familiar...
3. of course! I would have figured it out once I sat down and put the cards into thier sets.