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hmm..looks pretty dismal as you know I am not familiar at all with astrology, but take a great interest in it. I am going to mention a few things; forgive me if I am reading this wrong.

and, correct me. if I am. I understand that things wont be easy, not as the planets are set up here. question: Jupiter has problems in sign and place. in travel, illness. careers dealing with illness in someway. illness of others interested in seeing more info on this.

moon: no help either???

venus: this really piqued my interest. travel, education, philosophy, arts of divination.
being a key area of my life. I really am VERY interest in more on this! good and bad news on this. how it will be a key in my life.

mars: bad of bad fortune. influence on career, marriage and relationships.
please let me know , how and in what way. totally detrimental? from here on towards the future? as I have had bad luck with all in the past.

mercury: nothing. whats up with that? how could mercury influence ones life a good way? if it was better placed in my chart would it help in those ways?

Saturn: neutral. not at its worst. though retrograde. whats up with the retrograde? mostly , not going to help me in any way?

thanks minderwiz! looks pretty negative to me. an uphill battle all the way from here on in. not much going to change in the way of luck in any areas of my life at all. not from what I think I have read here. UG.however, it looks like I will receive my inheritances. yes? please enlighten me more , If you could on all of this. thanks for taking the time to do this!
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