Only 12 Real Psychics in US? HA!



Ah it feels good to know I'm not alone..
If I was so good that I could bring home a missing child, and see a mother's relief, That's priceless.


Re: Re: unsolved mysteries

faunabay said:

Actually lunalafey, I think there are quite a few psychics helping the authorities when they (the cops) will allow it and believe them!!

Yes, I know there are, some walk in to the cop shop begging to be heard. Do ya' think they asked for money ?
Some places are open minded enough that they have one on payroll. Do ya' think they applied for the job ?

All Is One

Are We Psycho Or Psychic?

Hey Luna- check us out~~~~all of our "peace, love and understanding"

shot all to h*ll because we are so totally against the fraud and the fools who

believe they are justified in offering free help or even expensive help-


into the pockets of people who promote those like "Miss Cleo" who probably

once had some real skills (maybe still does-) but who let herself

become a puppeted clown for a money- making machine.

I don't fit into any version of society's definition (even one as educated in these issues as that of A. Tarot*LOL*)

Never have considered myself a psychic, an empath, tight rope walker, or fire-breathing dragon.

I may have a well-developed ( not innate- but it doesn't matter- ) ability to tune into people and influences around me, and in fact it has , until the last 5 years, created immensely more pain and trouble than it ever gave me any sense of a "gift" / skill.

Being moody, incredibly sensitive, and tuned to other people rather than
Self can be a real problem

(please don't any one use the word
CO-D*******T any where near me. . .thanks.)

We sure can work up a full head of steam, though- I was laughing to read back over this thread-

and serious too.