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It just so happens that I loved the aluminum deck so i bookmarked it, soon the page will expire i think so see it while you can, it went for $118.25, I would of payed more if ihad the money for it hehe


Its like Rider Waite,but some of theart is slightly different, and its only majors (could you imagine shuffling 78 aluminum cards? lol)


Hmmm...themes (trying to read as much as I can before I have to leave in a few hours! Give me something to mull on while I'm gone on my trip..) I am thinking about doing something dance-related ("The Lovers" card just SCREAMS Balanchine's "Bugaku") because that's about all I can draw. Maybe something musical...I can do music notes, and I've studied piano for going on 3 years now...perhaps something having to do with runes or horses (I used to be a horse fanatic) or based solely on astrological symbols or...or...

I'm NEVER going to be able to choose at this rate...



*Spring-like, Pollux dances and whistles an happy tune...*

KIAMA!!! did you relly need to quote the enitre post? :(
However, I thought of a good assignment for the World: Hegel's Aufhbung (I hope the spelling is correct), the third phase, the Synthesis.

And for the Magician, I retrieved an old note I made diuring a class. I believe it was Liebniz who introduced the idea of the "Demiurg", and my prof gave a description that exactly matched the Magician...

I know you hate Kant, but I can't but think of his Moral Law (rough translation) for the Hermit, or the Temperance, or whatever...

Temperance: the ART!!! As in Thoth's!!! :)
Who was he? Was he Plato? I think so... I must DEFINITELY restudy it. I enjoyed it too much.

And I was also thinking we might find some room for Socrates's Maieutica. Queen of Pents? :)

I mean, shouldn't we really work on this deck seriously?
I am actually thinking that posting this glossy idea on this public forums was silly... ;)
And, for the designs, we might call on our superior powers, or ask for some help (there's SOEONE I know who's EAGER to help me, even though he's working on a couple decks at thye moment... at least he could help me improve my knowledge of Photoshop :p)


Re: *Spring-like, Pollux dances and whistles an happy tune...*

Pollux said:
And for the Magician, I retrieved an old note I made diuring a class. I believe it was Liebniz who introduced the idea of the "Demiurg", and my prof gave a description that exactly matched the Magician...

Leibniz stole this idea from Plato. The Demiurge I believe was his creation, or at last he was a believer in it. You're right, maybe that one would be good for the Magician, but where do we draw the line between Theology and Philosophy....?

I don't think Kant's Moral Law is a Temperence card at all. Sorry. I'm still backing Aristotle's moral theory (Virtue Ethics) for this one. Virtue ethics is all about balancing all your virtues, to become a totally moral and good being. To be honest, I can't see Kant appearing in the Majors at all! Many of the cards he could be on could easily be represented by others, in a much better way!

Tell you what, we'll email each ther about this from now on. I'll print out what we've got so far as a basis, and we'll work from there. I think I know who we could coerce into drawng for us.... ;)



Waiting for private communications then... :)


Ive been inspired.how about a Rocky Horror Picture show deck, Brad and Janet as the Fool, The space ship taking off as the tower, the lit globe from the end as the World, hehehe :)


re: themes: huff

well...reading over these im getting the feeling of how un original my deck is! hehe.

yes, im doing a buffy tarot *boo hiss*

its unoriginal and stuff, but its something i know far too much about, and i can get a hold of pics and stuff easily.

its just a first try-y type thing, right? i can move onto something a bit more intellectual later, heh.

btw - i LOVE the idea of a powerpuff girls deck. thatd rock so much!


triangular cards

Instead of a regular shuffle, why not scramble them around face-down on the reading surface instead? It's actually recommended in some places that you do that instead of shuffle... it just takes a while to get them mixed up.


Darn, how did i not see this!!!

I've been working on a Norse Heathenism theme deck for a couple of months now, (picking Kiama's brains along the way too ;))
Seeing as I *tune-in* easier to runes than Tarot, i thought It would make learning tarot easier for me if i have a deck using images and symbols that i find easier to understand....I mean, pomegranites and palms?...Give me a bronze pig and a sei­ðr chair anyday..!

So...is this a kinda formulating discussion, then?


I really like words... and this will be hard to explain , but Id like to do a deck with words as a large part of the design element. Not like the Blake deck with a bit of a poem in a frame, and not to use the words as an intrepretation, like on the beginner decks. Perhaps using "mood" words to build the background in an almost pointalistic style behind the main figures. Its just an idea that Ive had that I havent actually put to any practical test.