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I LIKE that idea!...

random words or scene-setting?...hmmm


scene- setting words, thematic and relevant, yet not a "book definition". Words have too much power to be tossed about...LOL

Major Tom

Malachite - Yep a formulating discussion. :) Could you use runes as symbols on the cards?

Pedeka - I like your idea too. :) Have you got any examples of the words you would use? What would you use for the Fool for example?


Major Tom SIR!:...

I'd been pondering that...despite the fact that there are 24 runes, and only 22 Major Arcana, i think i'll match them up one-to-one, and then put 2-rune combinations on the Minors....
But working out which ones should go where is being a bit of a headache...


Pedeka and Malachite, that idea is interesting as well as challening...

In the period between the two World Wars, there was a very strong artistic movement in Italy, called Futurism. It included painters (WOW!!! You gotta have some! CarrĂ ! Boccioni! WOWOWOW!!! :D), poets, writers, etc...
In particular, poets maintained that compositions didn't need metrics, style, register consistence or anything else related to tradition and "shape" whatsoever... Poetry didn't even need stanzas and lines! Marinetti (even though he is later to become a renegade) can be defined as the leader.
Most of their works*are written as pictures, with the letters, the onomatopeas (spelling?) and the words all conjuring up to something that is halfway between a painting or a poem.
(*I might be unprecise with this, but surely Marinetti's are)

I am telling you this because you might want to search for stuff or else. I think this might provide good reference if you intend tostart with your "Words speak Volumes" Tarot Deck. ;)



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Wow Pollux! Futurism is one of my fav types of art - I didn't know it extend to poetry as well. Those poems really appeal to me (You have seen my signature on here...) and I think a tarot deck like this would be amazing!

*Kayne finds yet another reason to learn french and italian*


Triangular deck

I've been thinking about that for a while now. Wondering if there were any out there, searching.

I agree with the shuffling method, thought about that quite a bit as well, I doubt you could riffle them.

So much could be done with that idea, particularly the three images thing... depending on which faced up (or down) and all. Wow, I'm so glad to learn I'm not the only one who's wanted to create my own deck.

However, I never considered a Theme beyond getting the images in there that represented the cards more specifically than the decks I've seen. I'm desperately searching for a specific deck, and I don't even know what I'm searching for. It's crazy. Creation seemes the only way.

Right on you guys.


Fantastic Sorceress Jade!
I think many of us are on the search for the *perfect* deck... I think the only way to get the pefect deck for you is to make it yourself! :D Glad you are on the path towards it with us all :)

Violet Gargoyle

I am just getting around to starting the creation process out of the "good idea/bad idea stage".

I would like to work on a personal deck based from gargoyles and statuary. I have the symbolism down, but I am just starting on concentrating on the set up. The running theme would concentrate on created gargoyles. There just isn't enough gargoyle decks for a stone collector like myself

In images where people would serve better, I would like to work them in as statues. (A Marble Queen on a Gargoyle Throne of Fountains for the Queen of Cups for instance)

My problem right now is that I want the cards to be mystical, not creepy, more like a walk in a large garden on a moonlit night.