What would you say is the scariest/creepiest Tarot deck?

ana luisa

Let's name it The Butcher's Tarot ...


Honestly, that just looks like fetish art. Not intended as usable cards, just an excuse to wrap the art in Tarot themes.


lol gritty and gory yes but still rather child-like in its cartoonish delivery and rather surreal and ridiculous (tongue in cheek) so to me this isn't disturbing at all. Was interesting for a few moments though.


Creepiest deck? Deviant Moon, hands down winner. (originally written on 05/30/2013)

(update 11/18/2014) Since I wrote the above, I bought the Deviant Moon borderless edition and have discovered the humor within this deck. Some of the cards are still creepy; but overall, the Deviant Moon is a brilliant deck, beautifully executed. :thumbsup:


OK, now that I've seen some of the scans in this thread, there's NO WAY I would ever get anywhere NEAR the Dark Carnival!! :bugeyed:

I always thought the Deviant Moon was creepy, but it's tame compared to the DC!

There are a few others, but I can't even remember which they are at the moment. Oddly enough, one that ought to be creepy kind of attracts me: the Wormweird.

But I LOVE the Hanson-Roberts and the Sacred Rose!

And as for that Morgan-Greer Devil, well, I always sort of took it for granted; but that hugely blown-up scan a few pages back did give me pause...!


I think the Morgan Greer Devil comes as a shock because you don't expect it but it was my favourite Devil card for a long time. Even now, it's such a simple image but it manages to portray most none-tarot people's idea of a Devil card so it had the ability to freak people out if they get it in a reading. There are other slightly disturbing cards too, like the Sword Knight, with the fire reflecting off him and his Sword.

Tansey Ella

The cards that frightened me the most were The Konaxari Cards
I kept having dreams of dreadful things that were about to happen to someone but no way for me to help. I traded them away very quickly. I hope whomever got them is OK. I told them why I traded them.


Eww!! That would do it for me too! :bugeyed:

November's Dawn

I'm biggest fan of scary creepy cards :) Have Dark Grimoire, Ludy Lescot and Deviant Moon and I find them very appealing. I dislike those vampire, computer photographed decks because I look for hand make drawn cards. I saw there is a lot of gothic cards but most of them are based on vampires, angels and fairies and I search for something much different. If someone knows some good, spooky and pretty much unrealistic decks feel free to tell me :)