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Originally Posted by donnalee View Post
I did trim the spamtastic stuff off, and really like the results. Yes, the backs are not symmetrical so reversals would have to be with eyes closed, but that doesn't bother me. I did my usual personal-amateurish job with regular scissors, but here is what some of them look like.
like what you did here! you show us how this deck should be look like!)

Originally Posted by Citrin View Post
I really don't like collaborative decks so I knew from the start this wouldn't appeal to me...

But I am a big fan of some of the card creators, among them Benebell Wen. And I'd recommend you all to hop over to her blog because the reviewed the deck herself, and she agrees with the comments here about the horrible borders etc. So that was interesting to read.

Some of the cards are lovely. I really like Waldherr's in particular.
same here! like her review! and example with white borders and text that makes sense is much better!

@rwcarter I totally agree here! when you are gathering founds you need to ask people who are willing to participate and support you and who will end up using this deck!
as good word is best promo!)

just to say I feel sorry for all artists who participated here! as their art end up cut off! and because of things like this they will probably think twice before giving hand for next cause!

my only regret here is that tech stuff should have someone who have any idea about oracle/ tarot cards so they should know we all prefer images without borders and pointless text!

in any case it's not place for promo! that should be posted online or in LWB or pdf for download or something!

I would prefer poker or mini size over compromising art like this!

at least we'll hope same mistake won't happen again in the future projects!

and at least they could avoid that mistake with gamecrafter deck?!x.x at least they have option for pdf download! so there is no reason to not publish borderless and textless edition for all of us who wish to have fantastic art and actual reading deck?!x,x facepalm

as things like this look like they don't have competent tech and production team!x.x
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