Storing the faeries


Oh dear darkbookworm... (love the name!!)... I know... my Fae folk have a bag of stuff they found while I was making their bag.... random bits of bling (well they think so..) and it justlives in the bag with them.... not sewing it on yet in case they change their minds!!

That sounds like a good idea, I was pulled to several different glass and stone beads, a dragon fly charm, and a worry stone pendant. I think I will sew a small cloth pouch for their treasures and not attach them to the bag itself, so if they want new things, then they have just the spot for it. *is off to find fabric they like and start sewing*

I found a hemp necklace that I had made last year with a baked glass (dichotic glass) I think that I bought from my college, and used it as the drawstring for the bag. The necklace also had dark green glass beads, wooden beads (red and tan) and iridescent purple beads on it. I think they like it *crosses fingers*

I am not sure I can post pictures here, but I will see about linking my siggy to lead to them.


I know exactly what this is all about

unbelievable :) I so relate to this. I got faeries Oracle some 2 months ago, just after 2 weeks, I had cut up the original box and make book marks out off all the faeries on it :) It was just not right for them. I choose a cute chocolate tin for this, almost the right size I was going to spray paint or decoupage it with pretty things, They said ( I feel weird writing this, but I m sure everyone on this thread understands :) It was too cold in a metal box, they wanted a warm cardboard box!! They have since then stayed on my bed side table out in the open. Now, I cleaned up my house and notice that one cardboard box, cut in half would be a perfect fit for them. Ive spent last 3 days fixing up that box, Now I can say the finish of that box is ideal :) In the mean time they shifted from my bed side table to into my hair straighteners box ( which is a very sturdy nice cardboard box with a magnetic clasp and everything, but its temporary. Only untill i finish this box) I still dont know what colour they want it to be, whether I should paint it , or decoupage it? roses, butterflies, stars, moon night? or day? Its coming alone nicely so far, Ive just sanded it and left it to dry, I want it in cream with roses finished with many coats of varnish. but lets see what next! :)


I love this story! My faeries have always seemed pleased with their wooden box with a dragonfly laser-cut into the top. Which is lucky because I am nowhere as talented as you. Well done! :)


Two years ago (when I had no faerie deck) I bought a small remnant of silk dupioni, fuscia shot with cobalt blue. I thought I was making a corset out of it. Silly me, i never did get around to making that corset but my faerie decks would like a handquilted pouch thank you very know since I've got that stuff just lying around and some holidays coming up....


"fuscia shot with cobalt blue", omg YES!! I love fabrics with undertones of colour, especially silk dupion. Your fae will love it I bet.


I guess my faeries are easy to please. I just leave them in their original box....


That first technique produces lovely results, though beyond my capacity. The little tree is very fae-like in the second. :)


Missing Faeries

Well, my Faeries Oracle has gone missing. I have been searching my house - no luck. I do know they were a bit neglected, and for that I am sorry...

So yesterday, I threw my hands in the air, and ordered another set on Amazon. Not to be outdone, Amazon has to ship them separately from the other items that I ordered. No problem. But when I click the button to track the two packages, of course the other package tracks just fine - but the Faeries? The little circle just spins and spins, and doesn't want to tell me anything.

Does anyone have suggestions on how to appease them when they arrive?! :)


I don't have my cards yet, but I wanted them to have a bag before they even got here.
So I sent the question across the earth.... what would you like?

Well, I do a lot of sewing, and I have this earthy brown fake wool and I had a picture of the wool suddenly appear inside my head. I could picture the faeries playing inside of it. So I decided to make a satchel bag that was big enough to fit the book inside as well, so the book is handy while I'm first learning the fae and playing with them.
Once I finished sewing the bag together, I decided it needed to be buttoned, as I don't want to lose the cards when I'm out and about. So I pondered on a button.
Again, I had an instant picture in my head. Months ago, my best friends son, whilst playing outside, found a terracotta rock... but its a perfect bead, has a natural hole straight through the middle. He kept asking everybody if they wanted it, but nobody did, and just to make him smile, I said that I was sure I would find a use for it. He was ecstatic, and I put it in my sewing box and thought nothing more of it. But when I thought about a button, the fae knew what they wanted. The terracotta button. More earthyness.
So I attached it, but for love nor money, no matter how I tried, the button kept shifting until it was slightly off center. Then I could imagine the fae giggling their heads off, because now it made it easier to get in and out of one side of the bag.

As the fabric itself is rough and itchy, I wanted something else smaller that the cards themselves could be wrapped in, and instantly, I knew what they wanted. It had to be multi shades of green, kind of like the way when you view the light playing on leaves through the trees, you see the different shades of green. That was how it was shown to me, the light through the leaves and different shades of green. But it also had to be gauzy and see through, so that they could see out of it, whilst still feeling secure.
My friend said to me "that pouch is a bit rough" and I told her what I was picturing for the faeries wrappings. She blinked at me, turned around, skerricked through a cardboard box behind her under the table and pulled out a large gauzy square of fabric. In the middle its a yellowish green, radiating out to a dark forest green at the edges. And the patterning that radiates out from middle to edges is actually the shape of leaves.
My jaw dropped and then I just grinned. I could almost hear the faeries squealing at me that yes yes yes, that was it.
So now they have their home to go to, I just need to wait for them to arrive.
I can't wait. I've played with my friends deck, I'm keen for my own. I want to play with the fae and experience them.

The thing thats astounded me is that I've never honestly thought much about faeries... I've always been a unicorn kind of a girl. And I always thought that when it came to Oracle Cards, unicorn cards would be the ones that drew me in. But I have never seen a deck of Unicorn cards that I like. But these cards drew me in and mesmerized me from minute one. And now I can't stop thinking about them.