Storing the faeries


How cool is that that you got everything you needed for your little faery friends.


I knit them a cozy pouch out of a purple wool and silk blend, and added a faerie star to the outside, made of blue hemp. I'm adding little stones to each point slowly, as I find stones that are right. They want me to line the bag with a peacock print silk, but I've asked themto wait until all the stones are on!


I knit them a cozy pouch out of a purple wool and silk blend, and added a faerie star to the outside, made of blue hemp. I'm adding little stones to each point slowly, as I find stones that are right. They want me to line the bag with a peacock print silk, but I've asked themto wait until all the stones are on!

That sounds lovely! :)

I ended up replacing my Faeries' Oracle. Do I even need to say that shortly after, the original deck appeared? :) I am finishing a box they wanted me to paint for them, and to decorate the inside with stones, coins, etc. The only difficulty is that I need to keep it on my dresser, which means finding a new spot for my jewelry box. Hmmm, at least the Faeries will be happier now!


preparing a home

Hello to all!

I've really enjoyed this thread, and I wanted to share my plans for storing the cards... although these faeries seem to be quite a decisive bunch on their own! But even so, I've prepared a home to welcome them, and hopefully they will be satisfied for the time being if not the long term. I've put a lot of love into it so I trust they'll feel cozy :)

I have a black organza pouch, and I tied a bell onto each drawstring, so the bag has a lovely jingle to it. Within that, I will wrap the cards in a cotton handkerchief I had when I was a child that I used to use as a blanket for my dolls.. the handkerchief is white with pink & blue flowers, leaves, and swirls that look like rivers.
I also found myself rummaging to find little trinkets to go into the bag as well... and as of now, those have turned out to be a single clear blue marble that is also from my childhood, and... a bird seed lol! I also put in a white fabric petal spritzed with an earthy-smelling perfume (and let it dry first of course) because it also seemed right to do.

So yes... there you have it! They should be arriving tomorrow!! *dances around the room*

--- *edit* ---

I wanted to update my post to say that I've since changed the way I store my Faeries' Oracle. The old bag I was using actually fell apart! It was a cheap organza bag, but I wondered if perhaps they didn't like it as much and they wanted to nudge me toward getting them something else.

So I've now been keeping the faeries in a brown velvet bag. I think they're feeling very much at home! (and they said it's the ~perfect~ color) ;)

We tossed away all the extras too, so they're just in there among themselves for now. I think they wanted me to switch it up and they like it that way. But I may look for a small crystal or something to keep in there too. We'll see... Also think the bag could use some charms.


This thread is so much fun! I just started working with my faeries this week, and I can already tell that they are quite the interesting bunch.

After only having the deck for a few days, I reallllly wanted to find them their own home. I threw them in a bag I already owned for the time being, but I started hitting all of my favorite bag sites, looking for the best one. The bag I put them in for now is a Sulis bag that I actually bought for my Hezicos. It's a lavender flannel bag with pink, aqua, and green stars and big purple scrolls. Lovely aqua silk lining and matching beads on the cording. It kind of reminds me of a little girl's blanket, and that's why I bought it for the Hezicos. I imagined it being a comforting deck and I kind of wanted to indulge the little girl in me! But the Hezicos didn't end up being a deck I use a ton after all, so I tend to use the bag for random new decks that don't have their own bags, or decks I won't use enough to buy them their own bags.

Well, darn it all if those faeries haven't decided that they want to keep this bag! I began to suspect that they love purple after I found a long-forgotten spread cloth that is a deep, dark purple with gold stars and moons on it, and the faeries claimed that for our time together. I felt very clearly that they wanted the cloth to be used just for them!

So this morning I'm looking on one of my bookshelves and I spot a journal I bought a few years ago, that still sits blank. It's smallish, and has a purple leather cover with gold birds and flowers embossed on it. Uh-oh, I thought. And sure enough, I heard it...all the faeries jumping up and down, wanting this to be the journal I use for working with them! Mind you, I already started a journal to use with them, a simple black book. I tried to tell them, I don't think that journal has enough pages...but I counted them out, and it does. I tried to point out that this book is rather thick compared to the other one...but they say that will give me more room to journal about all of the wondrous things I'm going to learn about them and from them. I reminded them that I already started another journal, numbered the pages 1-65 and all...and they just don't give a hoot. They see that this journal is sumptuous...leather and gold and flowers and birds and, PURPLE!...and so they must have it.

What can I say? What can I do? I gave it to them. :D


Hehe, love your post swedishfish! All that purple sounds lovely! :heart:

Mine have since moved around a lot, but now they're in a silk pouch that has a zipper (they like being quickly accessible). It's light blue and ivory, with pretty leaves embroidered on it. I'm still looking out for some charms they'd like for me to attach. :)


New deck

Can't believe my luck. Was searching all over Google if I should have 1 journal for all decks or separate journal for different decks. Then I searched the forums and guess which thread came out. So I guess they nudged me here telling me they want a separate journal. This after I just got them few days ago, and only brought them out for cleansing and a single card draw.

Now if only they point me to what journal they want and what bag.........


I went through several bags trying to find the right one for my faeries. I kept trying them out in foresty bags, nature scenes in earthy colors, but the one they finally settled on was a very fancy black, gold and copper brocade.


Faery Farts!

OK, I admit, I only read the first three pages; this is a long thread! But, I want to add my experience, here.

I've had my Faeries Oracle for 11 years and always kept them in the original box with no problems. I've taken them out much more often over the last 3-4 years than I ever did in the beginning. Over the last few months, I've noticed that when I slide the inner part that holds the cards into the outer box, it makes an amusingly obnoxious squeak and I can feel the force of air/pressure beneath when pushing the one piece into the other. My mundane mind can't think of why the box would suddenly squeak and have a tension that I can physically feel. I didn't even think before (until reading this thread) that it could be a protest of the Faeries to go back in. I thought it was just their silliness and would exclaim "Faery farts!" and giggle and proceed to put them away. I think I should be searching for more suitable storage ...


I have my faerie deck in a gorgeous dark green velvet bag that has a very subtle image of a faery on one side, not coloured, just sort of an imprint of less fuzzy velvet. I wish I could post a picture. I have the same bag in red with a dragon imprint that I keep my arthurian deck in and I wish I could find more of these bags, but I've been scouring the internet to no avail and I'm pretty sure the little shop I got them from years back doesn't exist anymore. sadface.