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Tarot Readers and Miscellaneous
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Everyday life
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Legal Matters
Money & Fortune
Moving & Relocation
Weight Loss
Women's Issues

Angels & Spirits
Death and Bereavement
Karmic and Past Life
Spiritual Growth
Witches & Crones

Personal Growth
Anxiety & Fear
Conflict Resolution
Crossroads and Decision Making
Personal Growth
Therapy and Psychoanalysis
Yes or No?

Dating & New Relationships
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Non-romantic Relationships
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Glass Owl´s Spreads can be found HERE

Barleywine's Spread Indexhttp://www.tarotforum.net/showthread.php?t=270102

List of Questions for Spreads in Talking Tarot


Decks and Techniques

Celtic Cross & Variations
13 card Celtic Cross
Another look at the Celtic Cross (10)
A plea for sanity: Beginners DON´T use the Celtic Cross! (discussion thread)
Celtic Cross I
Celtic Cross II - Getting tired of the Celtic Cross
Celtic Cross III
Chakra Cross...an alternate Celtic Cross (13)
Discussing the Celtic Cross & some suggestions (in Talking Tarot)
Double Celtic Cross (20)
Elemental dignities and the Celtic Cross (10)
Finally A Celtic Cross that makes sense (10)
La Véritable Croix Celtique (10)
Lionheart Spread (18)
Modified Celtic Cross (6)
No Love for the Celtic Cross (discussion thread)
Sin's Sinergy CC (13)
The Gilded Diamond Cross (for Identifying Influences) (16)
The Revised Celtic Cross (14)
The Wheel of Connections (10)
Your Personal version of the Celtic Cross - Celtic Cross IV

Royal Court Spread (fixing general dissatisfaction in life)

Four and Five Card Spreads
4-H spread (4)
Discovery spread about you (4)
First Four Spread - focus on life (4)
Four Directions Spread (4)
Grant me the serenity to accept the things I can't change - spread (4)
Identity Crisis Spread (4) & (5)
Inner Messages (5)
Inner Peace (5)
Life's Path spread (4)
~Solar Cross Spread~ (5)
The Hope Spread(s) (4 & 7)
The Primitive Tribe Spread (5)
Transition Spread (5)
Who am I? (4)

Large Spreads
Alchemical Harmonization (20)
Are We There Yet? (17)
Believe, Feel, Think, See, Become (18)
Big spread (32)
Complete Deck Spread (78)
Don's All Purpose General spread (22)
Easy Wish spread (24)
Fifteen Card Spread(15)
Got all day? spread (78)
Harleyquinn's Spread (25)
Kahlie's Major Key Area's Spread (21)
Lantern (26)
Large Life-Reading Spread (24)
Letting it Fly (to the) Bull's Eye (21)
Map Spread (78)
Moon Cycle (28)
New spread idea (20)
Nothing is as it originally seems (23)
Pathways (24)
Romany Spread I (21)
Romany Spread II (21)
Romany Spread III (21)
Romany Spread With A Twist (21)
Romany Star (20 & 21)
Solitaire Spread (28)
Talents + Passions = Career Suggestions spread (27)
The Big Spread (12)
The Game of Lifetime (30)
The No Particular Question Spread (32)
The River of Fate (18)
The Wansbeck Arrangement (22)
Unresolved issues spread (18)
World Towel Day (42)

Majors Only
Majors Only (several spreads)

Multiple Decks
2-Deck Partners Spread (8 & 8)
Advice Spread/Pairing Two Decks (10)
Dialectical Spread For Two Decks (4)
Play Nice Spread (16)
Rosetta Stone Method
Spread using Multiple Decks (22)
The Acumen Spread (9)
The Saska Spread (16)
Wheel of Life - a 3 deck spread (3x12)

New Deck
5-Card New Deck Spread
A new interview spread for my new Deck (5)
Deck Check-up (for the energy level of your deck) (3)
FireRaven's New Deck Interview Spread (6)
Interesting, "Deck Argument," Spread (10)
New Deck Jewel (7)
New Deck Personality Interview (9)
The surfacer's New Deck Spread - for Tarot or Oracle (8)
Tor's New deck spread (3)
Wisp Wings New Deck Spread (4)
Something to try - not really a spread, this technique to get to know your deck is located in the Using Tarot Cards Forum

Number Based
Numerical relationship spread (8)
Numerology spread #1 (10)
Numerology Spread #2 (9)
The Clock (12)

Shape Based
7 card horseshoe spread
April Showers Egg Spread(5)
Arrowhead (8)
Bird spread (8)
Body-Shaped Difficult Times Spread (6)
Circular Spreads
Compass Rose (12)
Elemental Pentagram and Sword spreads (5 & 7)
Herbal Spread (8)
Horseshoe spreads (5&7)
Horseshoe Spread (7)
Pearl Necklace spread (8)
Pillars of thought (10)
Pollux's Star of David Spread (7)
Pyramid of Power (10)
Question mark (6)
Rune Ansuz (10)
Spiral Spreads (8 & 14)
Star (5)
Star of Change (6)
Star spread (7)
The Ankh Spread (9)
The Ankh Spread - Exploring the Eight Stages of Life (11)
The Bathtub spread (7)
The car spread (8)
The Egg Spread (7)
The Garden in The Vase (8)
The Gift (6)
The Pentagram of Love (93/93) (11)
The Tetractys Spread (10)
Thirteen's Starlight Spread (7)
Thunderstorm spread (7)
Tip of the Iceberg (11)
Tree of Life I (10)
Tree of Life II (10)
Upside-down tetractys spread (10)
Versatile Star (6)
Wings of the Phoenix (14)

Tarot based
A "Tarot" Spread (4)
"Chariot" Spread (5)
Finding a lost Deck Spread (6) (Located in Tarot Games & Fun)
Rota Fortuna Spread (9)
Temperance Spread (3)
The Power of the Major Arcana (5)
The Tower Spread (3)
Tirage en Croix (5)
Wheel of Fortune I (5)
Wheel of Fortune II (6)

Tarot and I Ching
Dynamic Hexagramme Spread(6)
I Ching Spread (7)
Merging Tarot with I Ching
Modified Tarot and I Ching Spread
Tarot and I ching spread (7)

Tarot & History
Comte de Mellet ~ The Oldest Tarot Spread Recorded for Divination
OOTK (Opening Of The Key) First Operation

Tarot Readers & Miscellaneous
A spread on reading (5)
Analyzing a Card (7)
Card Assessment Spread (3)
Changing the outcome (10)
Creating Your Own Tarot Spread
Favorite Spreads I
Favorite Spreads II
Give Your Deck a Chance to Speak (6)
Jumper Cards (4)
Readers development (6)
Self Reading Spread (8)
Spread on a recurring Tarot card (7)
The whole-of-life spread (good one for professional readings) (15)
Troubled Deck Interview (4)
Unusual Ways of Dealing the Cards
Warm-up before a reading
What does (insert card) mean to you? (4)

Two and Three Card Spreads
3 card spread
3 Card Bonanza
3 Card Insight
3 cards for self-discovery
A 12 Step Spread (3)
Advice spread I (3)
Advice Spread II (3)
A three card morning (3)
Collecting Your Best, Brightest, Most Exciting Three Card Spreads!
Get Moving! (3)
Golden Shadow (3)
Gothic Arch (3)
Listings of 3-card spreads
Mind, Body, Spirit (3)
Soul Lessons (3)
The Change/Action/Empowerment Spread (3)
The Dialectic (3)
The DoDo Spread (3)
Three card spread - 100 variations
Triple A
Two and Three Card spreads I (posted by Glass Owl)
Two and Three Card Spreads II (posted by Glass Owl)
Two Card Quickies
What You Know (3)

Word Based
6 Card C-A-R-E-E-R Spread
Problem Solving Spread S-C-O-R-E
Secret Message spread (13)
S-U-M-M-E-R (6)
Synchronicity Spread (13)
Word Spreads
"Your name" spread (various)


Everyday Life

Addiction Spread (7)
All Shall Be Well (3)
Dis-ease Spread (8)
Drunk Person's Spread (6)
Healing Journey Spread (7)
Health problems spread (5)
Health spread (5)
Healthier, fitter me (6)
How do I achieve better health spread (12)
Idea for a Body spread (7)
Light at the end of the tunnel Spread for healing (10)
Overall Physical Health (11)
Psychoanalysis Spread (9)
Quit Smoking (11)
Spread for Physical Attraction (8)
The Healing Cobra (8)
The Health cross (7)

Children & Childhood
A Kid's Spread: The Troll Under the Bridge (8)
Childhood Trauma Spread (11 & 10)
Early childhood spread (9)
Home, Sweet Home (childhood home) (7)
Lucky 13 Birthday Spread for a Young Child
Newborns (6 & 7)
Only Child and Child Spread (7 & 8)
Spread for Child, Birth to Age 7 (12)
Spread for children (8)
Spread for children (9)
Unborn brother/sister (7)

Family & Generations
Analyzing Parental Relationship (5)
A Mother's Heart (8)
Family Gathering
Family Hope (17)
Family Problems Spread (5)
Family spread (5)
Father Relationship Spread (8)
Genealogy spread
Genealogy Spread (13)
Geneology/Family Spread
Heritage Spread
Honoring Your Ancestors (6)
Mother Daughter Relationship Spread (post #7)(10)
Parental Guidance with a problem child (15)

Job Interview spread (6)
Multiple-job-opportunity spread
Card Career Spread (5)
78 career Choices
Business Partnership/New Venture Spread
Career ideas/prospects
Career Path (12)
Cranky job search spread (11)
Dad’s Toolbox Spreads
Future Career Outlook (16)
Future Professions (5)
General Timing/Career Spread (4)
Job Expectations (13)
Job Interview Spread (6)
Job Interview Spread post #15
Looking for a business spread..
Looking for a job/career spread
Stay in Bed Spread (5)
SWOT Analysis (12)
The Career Plant (9)
Trainer/trainee spread (5)
Unbearable boss (6)
What do I do next? (9)
Where Am I Needed (10)
Your True Niche in Life (9)

Legal Matters
Scales of Justice (9)
Spreads for Legal Matters

Barley's Location Spread (4)

Money and Fortune
Financial Resolution (12)
For material issues - a pentacle spread(5)
Show Me The Money (4)
Show me the money! (8)
Spread to Find a Job/Money (12)
The Rainbow of prosperity (8)

Moving and Relocation
Apartment/House hunting (3)
Home Sweet Home- spreads for a new home
Location (7)
Moving home spreads
Moving spread (9)
Potential Happiness of an apartment (9)
Relocation Spread (17)
Spread For A New Home (6)
The Nowhere feels like home spread...(7)
Where Are They Moving To? (8)

Nature & Animals
A walk in the woods (6)
As You Wish - Dandelions (6)
Cicadas (5)
Climbing Ivy (for self analysis) (5)
Colors of My Rainbow (8)
Crow´s Eye View (6)
Crystal Diagnostics: A Spread for Gemstones (6)
Dragonfly Spread (7)
NSEW (15)
Rainbow Trail - Bridge to the Future (4)
Sympathetic Creatures (2-6)
The Bulb Spread (4)
The Raven Spirit Guide (16)
The Spider & The Fly (sticky situations) (8)
Thunderstorm (6)
Wings of Continuum (inspired by spiders) (personal growth) (14)
Wings of Crow Dilemma (9)

Animal Politics (-how pets get along with each other)
Black Cat (8)
Black Cat spreads - pet readings
Pet health spreads
Lost Pet (8)
Puppy spread (9)
Sleeping Dog (9)
The "How does my sick pet feel" Spread (5)

College Life Spread
Examination Spread (4)
Outcome of an exam spread
School Spreads!!!
School year spread
Teacher-Student Communication Spread
The Prom, Party, Wedding Spread

A simple(minded) spread
Baseball Spread (8)

Journey spread
The "How Do I Get There from Here?" Spread (6)
Traveling Spreads

Weight Loss
Spread to assist in Weight Loss/Body Image (6)
Losing weight (3 spreads)

Women's Issues
First Blood 'Butterfly' (17)
Moontime (7)
Mother to be spread (7)
Nine months of pregnancy (14)
Pregnancy Prediction Flower (13)
Pregnancy (6)



Angels and Spirits
7 Levels of Heaven Spread (7)
Ancestor Spread from Toronto Seminar (5)
Communicating with a departed loved one (5)
Faerie Layout (7)
Fiona Broome's 3-Card Ghost Spread
Getting in touch with the ancestors (12&5)
Guardian Angel Spread (5)
Inner Guide Spread (3)
Messages from the Dead spread (5)
Nisaba's Talking to Guides spread (9)
One to Address ALL of Your Spirit Guides (6)
Spirit Guide spread (5)
Spirit Speak Spread (3)
Spirit visiting spread (7)
Spread for 3 Most Influential Spirit Guides (3)
Spread for the Haunted (7)
The Hallowed Compass - A spread for seeking out a wayward spirit (10)
The Raven Spirit Guide Spread (16)
Your Animal Totem (8)

Bigger than life Chakra Spread (17)
Chakra Cross...an alternate Celtic Cross (13)
Chakra Spread (7)
Chakra Spread (7)
Chakra Spread (7)
Seven Chakra spread(7)
Working with the Chakras Spread (16)

Death and Bereavement
A Spread For Coping, Dealing, Recovering (7)
Death Spread (4)
Death and Grief Spread (16)
Death Spread II-for periods of change (9)
Destiny (6)
Destiny Spread (for someone who has passed on) (10)
Hidden Sorrows (7)
Morbid Spread (7)
My Death Spread I (7)
Surviving Death/Helping Death (6)

Dream Spread (3)
Dream decoding simple spread (4)
Dream Flower Spread (5)
Dream Grid (4)
Dream Interpretation Spread (3)
Dream Spreads I
Dream Spreads II
Dream/Relationship Connection (5)
High Priestess Dream Spread (10)
Is it just a dream? (8)
Scary Nightmare spread (4)
Simple Dream Spread (5)
Spreads for dream that came true

4 Elements Spread (5)
Elemental Spread (5)
Elemental Spread (5)
Influence Of The Elements Spread (5)
Spread of the Elements (7)

Apollo's Spread (5)
Atlas Burden (5)
Heaven & Hell (15)
Seven Deadly Sins (7)
Seven Holy Virtues (7)
The Fall of Man (3)
The YHVH Soul Assessment Spread (16)

4 Phase Cycle of Goddess Diana (9)
Baba Yaga (3)
Brighid´s Spread (3)
Caridwen's Web (Verdandi-Ur-Skuld)(7)
Demeter and Persephone (4)
Finding The Warrior Goddess Within (7)
Goddess Brighid's Guidance (3)
Goddess Spread (13)
Hathor (7)
Hecate Spread (7)
Hekate Enodia (7)
Hecate Trivia (14)
Kwan Yin's Compassionate Lotus (4)
Pandora´s Box of Plagues (7)
Thirteen Goddesses (13)
Weighing the Heart (Maat) (7)

Karmic and Past Life
Afterlife Communication Spread (15)
All About Your Past Life (12)
"But Why Me" Spread (11)
Couple's Past-Life Relationship (29)
Dancing Bear's Past Life Basic Overview (3)
Karmic Relationship Spread (11)
Karma Spread (5)
Karmic Thread Spread (9)
Karmic Triads (15)
Konraad's past life spread
Lantern of Ages (15)
My Next Incarnation (8)
Otherkin Spread (12)
Past life reader (22)
Past Life Relationship Karmic Debt (8)
Present Life explained by Past Life (11)
Reincarnation Spread (15)
Past Life-Karma_This Life (9)
Past Life Spread (17)
Three Past Life Spreads (16,11,11)

Spiritual Growth
Dark Realm of Yourself (9)
Exploring Your Existance spread (7)
Inner-self Spread (Jungian)(8)
Next Spiritual Step Spread (5)
Opening of the Key Spread (Golden Dawn)
Self-Knowledge (6)
Sky Door Spread / for those moments on the verge (6)
Spiral of Counsciousness (13)
Spiritual Growth Spread (5)
The Bodhi Eightfold Path of Enlightenment Spread (8)
The current status of extra abilities (ESP) (7)
The Dark Self Spread (6)
The Delphic Spread (9)
The Hero´s Journey (7)
The Introspective Mandala (9 )
The Quest Myth: A Hero's Journey (Joseph Campbell) (13)
The Unexamined Life (-is not worth living) (7)
The Way of the Warrior (7)

Witches & Crones
Bewitched Spread (5)
Crone´s Eye View (by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince) (6)
The Circle of Witches Spread (13)
Spell Spread (3)
Spellwork Spreads (7&5)
The Alchemist´s Spread (6)
The Leafy Spell Spread (6)
Wicca Pack (7)
Witches Brew (5)
Witches Clock Spread (12)
Witches in the Family Spread (5)

Zodiac Spreads
12 Houses Past Present Future (36)
A couple synastry spread (24)
Astrological Placement Spread (8)
Astrological Spread (4) & (12)
Astrological Layout/Zodiac Spread (12)
Capricorn Spread (9)
Capricorn (7)
Double twist on the astrological year spread
Emeraldgirl's astro spread (12)
Gemini Comparative Spread (6)
How to dance the astrology spread twist (12)
My Horoscope spread (8)
Pisces inspired spread (8)
Planet Spread (10)
The House of Hierophant Spread (12)
Zodiac Play Spread (13)


Personal Growth

Anxiety & Fear
Anxiety Spread (9)
Distorting the Truth (12)
Fears/confidence spread (5)
My Life is a Hot Garbage Fire (7)
NO-Fear Spread (4/8)
The Dread Spread (5)
The Fear Spread (4)
What Are You Petrified Of Being or Becoming? (7)

Conflict Resolution
A problem shared (9)
Argument Spread (13)
Breaking the Barrier (12)
Breakthrough Spread (11)
Conflict in a Friendship (15)
Conflict Resolution (5)
Conflict Spread (9)
Crossing the River Spread: One to Overcome Obstacles (4)
Dealing with Difficulties Spread (6)
Extended Family Spread (Conflict Resolution) (12)
Gotta Get Thru This (7)
Harsh Truths Spread (6)
Missing Pieces (8)
My Stalker Be Gone! (8)
New Spread for Obstacles (8)
One of Those Days Spread (6)
Poison Pen Letter (5)
Problem Person Spread (8 & 11)
Releasing Blocks (7)
Short and Sweet (3 & 5)
The Bad Girls Tarot Spread -how to tell someone to kiss your a$$ (6)
The Baseball Spread - No, it's not for sports (11)
Understanding problems (7)
What is going on? (3)

Crossroads and Decision Making
2 choice decision spread (6)
10 Card 2 Outcomes Spread (10)
All-purpose Outcome Spread (8)
Another Two Paths Spread (9)
Between Two Options Spread (9)
Choices Spread (9)
Crossroads spread (6)
Decision Time Spread (5)
Forking path spread (10)
I don't know what to do spread (8)
Leo62's Crossroads Spread (5)
"Making a hard decision" spread (30)
Near future spread (8)
Pending decision and its aspects spread (9)
Phoenix's Pyramid of Change (6)
Pros and Cons Option Spread (3-6-9)
Pro's and Con's Spread (5 or 7)
Seeing The Open Pathways Spread [STOP Spread] (7)
Should I Contact Them (7)
Should You or Shouldn't You (9)
Spread for making a choice (10)
The I´m Lost Spread (11)
The road you're on (9)
The Road Less Travled Spread (10)
Too Many Choices
Turning point spread (12)
What I Want/What I'm Afraid Of (6)
What you need to do spread (11)
When You're Stuck Spread (8)
Stuck in the mud (5)
"Where Am I Heading?" Spread (8)
Zenith/Nadir Spread (7)

Build A Bridge (3)
Goal achievement (6)
Goal in Life Spread (12)
Goal oriented spread (7)
Goal spread (6)
Goal Spread (5)
Life Conquests (4)
My Life Ain´t Too Bad After All (8)
Positive Outcomes Only! (6)
Stepping Out of the Past (11)
The Future You (5)
The Turning Things Around Spread (lack of goal) (6)
The Untrodden Trail (9)
Where Am I Heading? (8)
What you want and how to get it (4)
When and how to change plans (8)

Personal Growth
Am I the thorn in your side? (6)
Discovery Spread (4)
Empowerment Spread (10)
Evolution/Temperament Spread (inspired by Rudolf Steiner)(8)
Harsh Truths Spread (6)
Hope Spread(s) (7)
How to make progress spread (8)
How to notice life's blessings (5]
Insight on Myself (12)
Lesson Spread (7)
Listen Learn and Understand (3)
Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs Spread (9)
Mirror of the Shadow Self (9)
Moderate My Life (4)
Parsifal's Bow - Personal Destiny (9)
Personal Report Card or How am I doing? (8)
"Practical" Tree of Life Spread (10)
Self Empowerment (10)
Self Improvement Spread (14)
Self Understanding Spread (9)
Serenity Prayer Spread (9)
Seven Stars Tree of Personal Growth (10)
Should I Stay Anchored Spread (7)
Spread to get rid of worrying and envying (8)
Soul Coffee Spread (4)
SWOT Analysis Spread (Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats) (12)
The Life Direction Spread (10)
The Steps To Soulful Living Spread (10)
The Shadow Side (11)
Tree of thee, tree of me - guidance and illumination spread (11)
Tripod of Self-Discovery (7)
What Lies Beneath - Guidance Spread (9)
What's Holding Me Back spread (10)
What to do with My Life Spread AKA Gaian Tarot Spread (10)
Why Me? (8)

Therapy and Psychoanalysis
Poor Man´s Therapist (9)
Psychoanalysis Spread (8)
Psychoanalysis Spread II (9/10)

Yes or No? spreads
Another Yes No Spread (6)
Awesome Yes/No spread (9)
Elemental Yes And No (5)
Mary K. Greer's Yes/Maybe/No Spread (8)
Method of finding 'Yes' or 'No' answers
McKeown's Yes/No Approach
The Judge and Jury Yes/No Spread(12)
Yes or No?
Yes/No Spreads. Are they even possible?
Yes/No/But spread
Yes/No/Maybe Spread: 13 Cards, 3 Piles



Dating & New Relationships
7 card "love search" spread (7)
"A new acquaintanceship" spread (5)
Are they ready for a relationship with you? (9)
Biddy's "Finding Love" Spread(13)
First Kiss (16)
Chance Encounter Spread (7)
Coming Love Interest Spread (12)
Do We Have A Future? (12)
Does he like me (19)
First Date Spread (8)
First Impressions Relationship Spread (10)
How the other person feels about a potential relationship with you spread (6)
I had a date. So what's next? (8)
Increasing chances with a love interest spread (8)
In the Mood for Love (9)
Laurel's new Relationship Spread (7)
Lurea's Love Forecast (7)
Meeting someone new (3)
My new "Potential Relationship Investigation" or "Relationship Forecast" spread (14)
New Lover/Choose A Lover (7)
New Relationship Spread (7)
New relationship spread (12)
Next Lover? (6)
Next Relationship (11)
Possible Upcoming Relationship Spread (8)
Potential Lover Spread (10)
Potential Relationship Spread (10)
Punk Angel's New Heart Spread (8)
Relationship 'Early Days' Spread (10)
Relationship Spread (21)
Relationship spread (9)
Revised Next Relationship Spread (14)
Seasons/Directions of the Heart Spread (5)
Should I tell them Spread (12)
Spreads for new encounters
The Date Spread (6)
The "Hi", a spread for a new relationship (10)
The 'What if...' Love spread (15)
When will you meet your perfect match (8)

Love & Romance
Another Relationship Spread (19)
A relationship spread for two people (9)
Are We Meant For Each Other (5)
Couples Connection Spread (12)
Cupid´s Arrow (9) and Mirror of Venus (11)
Determining Attraction (5)
Does he share my feelings? Spread (5)
Double Cross Spread (14)
Eternal Love Sphere (14)
Fire_Opal's Heart Spread (8)
Glass Owl's Relationship Box (12)
Guiding arrow, relationship spread (8)
How someone feels (6 & 9)
Inana's Relationship Spread (11)
Life Partner Spread (6)
Lovers Spread (13)
Love Search Spread (7)
Lover´s Weave Spread
Magic Love Tarot (6)
Perspectives Relationship Spread (9)
Relationship Dynamics (8)
Relationship Spread (8)
Relationship Spread (4)
Relationship spread (9)
Relationship Spread (9)
Relationship Spread (15)
Relationship double cross (9)
Shall We Dance Spread (9)
Snapshot Relationship Spread (8)
Spread of the Noble Heart (10)
State of Our Relationship spread (10)
The Lover's Truth Spread (9)
The Partner´s perspective (5)
The "Sword of Truth" relationship spread (6)
The Triangle of Love (10)
Triple Cross Relationship Spread (12)
The Good Mojo relationship spread (13)
The Rose - a relationship Spread (14)
Thoughts, emotions, desires (6)
True Heart of a Relationship (6)
Together Spread (7)
Useful Relationship Spread (9)
Umbrae’s Relationship Spread (10)
Valentines Day Spread (6)
Web of Connection (6)
What's in your heart (13)

2nd Honeymoon (7)
Handfasting Spread (11)
Impending Marriage Spread...(3)
Waiting for the ring spread (6)

Non-Romantic Relationships
A friend's relationship Spread (11)
Concerned about a friend (4)
Cultivating Compassion (7)
clbzkl's Friendship Spread (14)
Fate Brought Your Here (5)
Finding a long-lost someone spread (4)
Friendship spread? (8)
Gossip Spread (5)
Hug of Love - Helping a Friend in Need Spread (7)
Long Distance Friendship (7)
Relationship Heart (10)
Sailing Ship Spread (7)
State of the Friendship (6)
Trouble with...(8)
What are their motives? (3)
What they think of you-spread (6)
Which of my friends are expendable (5+)

Relationship between 3 persons
3-way relationship spread (9)
How to make your relationship more.. (11)
Is the Devil you know really better? (10)
Love Lesson Spread (9)
Love Triangle spread (3)
Triangle spreads I
Love, Lust, Illusion (9)
Triangle Spreads II
The Other Woman Spread (11)
The X-ghost spread (5)
Three person friendship (13)
The Three Person Situation/Dispute or Love Triangle Spread (27)
Decision Between 2 Guys (7)

Separation & Reunion
A spread for those who've been unceremoniously dumped (10)
Ending Relationship Spread (13)
Letting Go of Love (10)
Mamma Mia... A spread for re-kindling an old relationship (8)
Moving On Spread (6)
OMG Why Can´t I move On (11)
Past Lovers (7)
Separation / Reunion (15 Cards)
Should I let them go spread (22+)
The Ex spread (9)
The Ex Spread (7)
The What Was the Point? Spread (19)
When It's Over - Extinguishing the Flame (8)
"Will I get back with my ex?" Spread (9)
Will we get back together (10)
Xs Spread for getting back together (5)

Sexuality & Erotic
Coming Out (9)
Romantic Appeal Spread (9)
Sexuality Spread for personal preferences and boundaries (14)
Sexual Chemistry? (5)
Sexual Compatibility (9)
Sexy Spread (12)
Spread about Sexual Orientation (spread suggestions and discussion thread in Talking Tarot)
The 'X' Appeal Spread (8)
Wildest Fantasies Spread (8)

Are You My Soulmate spread (16)
Citrin's soulmate description (9)
Finding your soulmate spread (4)
Soulmate and You (12)

Specific situations
Chance Encounter (7)
Deployment spread (-military)(9)
FaeryGodmother's Long Distance Relationship Spread (10)
Friends to Lovers Spread (9)
Friendship into relationship spread (15)
Internet/Long Distance relationship (21)
Internet Romance Spread (9)
Long-Distance Relationship Spread (9)
The 'What Now?' Relationship Spread (11)

Trouble & Arguments
A spread for understanding in relationships (5)
A spread on how to know if my boyfriend is lying to me? (5)
Biased attraction spread (Hearing what you want bias) (5)
Clarifying Love (12)
Codependency spread (9)
Forgiveness Spread (8)
Healing a Relationship (10)
Heartbreak Spread (5)
How to deal with other people's difficult issues (7)
Love Potion Number 9's Missing Ingredient Spread (9)
My Stalker Be Gone! (8)
Out of sync relationship spread help (10)
Rekindle Intimacy/Romance Spread (8)
Relationship Problem Solving (12)
Rescue kit for relationships (5)
Spread for turbulent relationship (10)
Stalemate Spread (8)
The Entrophy Marriage in Crisis Spread (23)
The Revealer (7)
The Secret Relationship Spread (7)
Troubled Waters (9)
Why am I still single? Spread (15)



Birthday Spreads
Birthday Flower (10)
Birthday Spread (9)
Birthday Spread (11)
Birthday Spread (Power Tarot) (9)
Blow Out Your Birthday Candle Spread (7/5)
The Happy Birthday Layout (7)
The Special Birthday Wheel Tarot Spread (27)

A Christmas Carol (Charles Dickens) (5)
Christmas Carol/Scrooge Spread (16)
Naughty or Nice? (The Santa Stocking Spread) (4)
Sacred Days of Yule (spread in post #85) (12)
The (Christmas) Present I Should Buy (3)
The Tannenbaum spread (12)
12 Days of Christmas (12)

Daily Spreads
A Daily spread... (7)
A lighthearted daily spread (3)
An impression of the Day (3)
Anticipating the Day(4)
Card of the Day Spread: Combining Numerology & Tarot
Cycle of your day spread (5)
Daily Choice Spread (5)
Daily Reading to Learn Tarot (3)
Daily Spread (4)
Daily Spreads I
Daily spreads II
Daily Spreads III
Daily Time (6)
Daily Sun (7)
Daily Yin-Yang (2)
Extensive Daily Spread (6)
Lark's Gilded Tarot "I won I won" spread (5)
Night Spread (4)
Of The Day Spread (5)
Tarotphelia's Daily Spread (5)

Equinoxes & Solstices (& Easter)
Bodhran's Summer Solstice Spread (4)
Easter Egg (8)
Simple Fall (or Spring) Equinox Spread (3)
Solstice Light Spread by Christine Jette (6)
The Lighthouse Spread (Imbolc)(7)
The Halcyon Solstice Spread (7)
Sacred Days of Midsummer (12)
Vernal Equinox Spread (3)
Winter Solstice Spread (4)

Illy´s Trick or Treat (8)
Halloween spreads I
Halloween Costume, Trick & Treat Spread (3)
Halloween spreads II
Halloween spreads III
Jack-O-lantern Spreads (general & love spread) (5)
Pumpkin spread (9)
Samhain Spread (7)
Samhain spread (9)
The Halloween Jack-O-Lantern Spread (5)
The Jack Skellington spread (7)
Three Halloween Spreads
Trick - or- Treat Halloween Tombstone Spread (3)
The Vampire Cross Spread (5)

Moon Spreads
)O( Spread (10)
28 Card Spread
A Moon Card Spread (5)
Crescent Moon and Star (10)
Dark of the Moon spread (7)
Eclipse/New Moon Spread (5)
Full Moon spread (7)
Grandmother Moon Spread (5)
Lunar eclipse spread (9)
Lunar Pentacle Spread (7)
Moon Spread (3)
New Moon spread (18)
New Moon Spread by Eowyn (4)
New Moon -Release and Rebuild (8)
The Lunatic Phases of Madness Spread (8)

Autumn Season Spread (5)
Four Seasons (8)
Gift of Winter (7)
November Mulch: Making Use of Decay (7)
Spring! (7)

Two Turkeys Spread: For Giving and Receiving (10)

Timing of events
Barley's Timing Spread (18)
nisaba´s timing method (in Using Tarot Cards)
The Chain Reaction Spread (10 & 6)
Timing spreads

Weekly Spreads
"Battle Of The Week," Spread (6)
End-of-the-week review (6)
Weekly Energy Spread (5)
Week ahead spreads

Year (New Year)
A Leap Across The Abyss (leap year) (8)
A Twelve Month Spread With A Twist (12)
As The Wheel Turns (12)
Best Year Ever (5)
Cross of the Year (52)
End of the Year (12)
Looking Forward Spread (New Year) (9)
New Year Pyramid (18)
New year Spread (7)
New Years Spread (3+7)
New years spread by season (16)
New Year, New Things Spread (22)
New Year's Spread (6)
New spread for a new year (12)
New Year's Spread (32)
New Year (double deck spread) (26)
New Year Love (4)
Personal Year/Current Cycle Spread (7)
Thirteen's Calendar Spread (13)
Tarot and the Wheel of the Year (in Talking Tarot)
Year ahead spread (22)
Year/Cycle Spread (6)
Year spread (15+3)
Year spread (13)
Year Spread Idea (78)



Moby Dick (Herman Melville)- Shadow Work Spread (6)
October Day (7) - (Poem by Rainer Maria Rilke, 1875-1926)
The How I Love Thee Spread (Poem by Elizabeth Barret Browning (1806-1861) (8)
The Lion, Witch and Wardrobe (C.S.Lewis) (14)

Fairy Tales
Beauty and the Beast (8)
Big Bad Wolf (7)
Briar Rose's Slumber (7)
Cinderella's Slipper (6)
Cinderella's Victim Spread (12)
Cowardly Lion (8)
Disney Cinderella Spread (4)
Mirror, Mirror (Snow White) (7)
Pinocchio's Journey (8)
Princess on a Glass Hill (14)
Rapunzel's Tower (8)
Sleeping Beauty Relationship Spread (7)
The Four Dragons (6)
The little match girl (7)
The Ugly Duckling (8)

Spreads based on Films/Musicals/Celebrities/Games etc.
Alice in Wonderland Spread (Tim Burton) (3)
A New Hope- Star Wars Spread (7)
Boo You Wh*re (Mean Girls)(8)
Confessions Spread (12)
CSI Autopsy and Post-Mortem Spreads for Soul-searching (6 & 8)
For Good Spread (inspired by Wicked) (6)
G(a)linda's guide/spread to be "Pop-yoohoo-lar" (Wicked) (5)
Harry Potter Saga - Patronus Spread (4)
Harry Potter Saga - Boggart Spread (5)
Legend of Zelda - The Six Temples (6)
Let It Go - Disney's Frozen Spread (4)
Lord of the Rings I(7)
Lord of the Rings II (25)
Lord of the Rings - The White Council (7)
The Hunger Games Trilogy Spread (8)
Madonna Spread (11)
Orion's Belt (Widget the World Watcher) (3)
Rocky Horror Spread (8)
"Sex and the City" Advise Spread (4)
Six Feet Under Spread (6)
Stargate Spread (7)
"Start of Something New" - High School Musical Spread (8)
The Desperate Housewives Cross-Spread (24)
The Disney Princesses Spread (16)
The Jack Skellington spread - The Nightmare Before Christmas (Tim Burton) (7)
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (21)
The South Park Self-Discovery Spread (8)
Titanic Spread (8)
What Are You Petrified Of Being or Becoming? Spread (Based on a Susie Suh song) (6)
Wizard of Oz spread (9)
Zombie Apocalypse (The Walking Dead) (11)
The Vampire Diaries Love Sucks Spread (5)
Yoda´s Dark Side Of The Force (3)

American Idol (3)
Cranes in the Sky (by Solange)(10)
Dead to the World (Nightwish) (12)
Don´t Wanna Know (for relationships) (Marina and the Diamonds song Lies) (12)
Let It Die (Ozzy Osbourne) (5)
Listening to Handel´s Messiah (5)
Live Like We're Dying (based on a Kris Allen song)(5)
The Long and Winding Road (Beatles Song Spread) (10)

Glass Owl´s List of Spreads Inspired by Songs

Writers, Artists, Actors
5th Business spread (spread for actors) (5)
Audition Spread
Another writers' spread (4)
Behind the Writing (7)
C for Creativity (3)
Character Creation (7)
Characterization Spread
Creative Process Spread (5)
Exploring your Artist's path (10)
For the artists...(7)
For writers - short story spread (9)
Getting to know you (a character spread for fiction) (12)
Goal, Motivation, Conflict (Tarot Spread for Writers) (7)
For the writer with writer's block (5)
Movie Director´s Spread (9)
My Life as a Vampire/Werewolf (creative writing, role-playing, etc.) (6)
Point of No Return -Spread for Writing Horror Stories (6 & 13)
Possibilities: What happens next? (15)
Talent Processor (7)
The Writer's Block (6)
Writing A Suspense Thriller (8)
Untresette Spread – for Creative Focus in Writing (11)


Deck Specific Spreads

Atlantis Tarot ~ ~ Your Sacred Temple (15)

Cat´s Eye Tarot ~ ~ several spreads

Celtic Dragon Tarot ~ ~ Influence of the Elements (5)

Celtic Tarot ~ ~ The Celtic Flower (13)

Cosmic Tribe Tarot ~ ~ Meditation Mandala (9)

Dark Angels Tarot ~~Angel Wings (10 & 4)

Deviant Moon ~ ~ Lunatic Spread (10)

Gaian Tarot ~~ What to do With my Life (9+1)

Herbal Tarot ~ ~ Herbal Spread (8)

Housewives Tarot ~ ~ Clothesline of Life (7)

I Am One Tarot ~ ~ The Spiral Map (23)

Legacy of the Divine ~ ~ Legacy Spread (3)

Ludy Lescot ~ ~ A Match In The Night (2)

Lunatic Tarot ~ ~ The Belted Man (7)

Marco Polo Tarot aka Tarot Of The Journey To The Orient ~~The Game of Lifetime (6)

Mystic Faerie ~ ~ Rose Petals Spread (5)

Mythic Tarot ~ ~ Mythic Tarot 21 Card Spread

Nicoletta Ceccoli Tarot ~ Bittersweet (2)

Olympus Tarot ~ ~ The Pantheon Spread (7)

Oswald Wirth Tarot ~ ~ Wirth-inspired Path (11)

Pearls of Wisdom ~ ~ Pearls of Wisdom (5)

Roots of Asia ~ ~ Chakra Spread (7)

Shadowscapes Tarot ~ ~ Is Love In The Stars (5)

Shadowscapes Tarot ~ ~ Balancing Act (4)

Shining Tribe ~ ~ A Leap Across The Abyss (8)

Ship of Fools ~ ~ Advice (3)

Steampunk Tarot ~ ~ A Victorian Clockworks Spread (6)

Tarot de Marseille ~ ~ TdM Spreads (several)

Tarot of Mermaids (LoS)~ ~ The Mermaid Tarot Spread

Tarot Mucha ~ ~ Three 4 card spreads

Tarot of the Crone ~ ~ Crone´s Eye View (6)

Tarot of Vampyres ~ ~ several spreads

Thoth Tarot ~ ~ Thoth Tarot Based: Cupid's Relationship (9)

Transparent Tarot Spreads

AT Spreads Suited to the Transparent Tarot
Getting to Know Yourself Transparently
Ripples of Consequence spread
Transparent Career Spread
Transparent Deck Interview Spread
Transparent Gypsy Method
Transparent Illusion and Clarity
Transparent Insight into the Relationship
Transparent Law of Attraction
Transparent Multiple Personalities
Transparent Overview of the Situation
Transparent Problem and Solution Spread
Transparently Changing One's View of the Relationship

Undersea Tarot ~ ~ Kinda pissed about not being a Mermaid (6)

Universal Fantasy Tarot ~ ~ Castle With 12 (15) Rooms

Vargo Gothic ~ ~ Gothic Arch (3)

Vertigo Tarot ~ ~ Nautilus Spread(10)

Victorian Fairy ~ ~ Herald of Spring (3)

Voyager Tarot ~ ~ Whole Self Mandala (10)

Wildwood Tarot ~~ The World Tree (8)

Witches Tarot ~ ~ Four Seasons (8)

Wizards Tarot ~ ~ Judgement Spread (5)